Was this movie a summer blockbuster?

A quiz so bright, you'll have to wear sunglasses!

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Everyone loves summertime! The only thing hotter than the weather is the MOVIES! Summer blockbusters are highly anticipated, and for good reason! But does the season really make the movie? We'll find out! In this quiz, we'll give you a blockbuster film, and you've got to tell us whether it had its release in the summer....or not!

  1. National Lampoon's Animal House (1978)
  2. The Sting (1973)
  3. Pretty Woman (1990)
  4. E.T The Extra Terrestrial (1982)
  5. Taxi Driver (1976)
  6. The Fly (1986)
  7. Die Hard (1988)
  8. Raging Bull (1980)
  9. Grease (1978)
  10. Back to the Future (1985)

Was this movie a summer blockbuster?

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bukhrn 18 days ago
6/10, Guessed on them all, Watched them all on TV so I have no idea when they came out, or even what year for that matter.
retro6 25 days ago
7/10. I only remembered for sure Grease. I went to see it 5 times that summer.
BenSobeleone 26 days ago
Terminator 2 another summer blockbuster movie. Summer of 1991. By the way, Linda Hamilton says she's not doing anymore Terminator movies after Terminator: Dark Fate. She says she's done. The story's been told, and it's been done to death. Yep!
Bob 28 days ago
I missed Die Hard. How can a Christmas movie not open at Christmastime?
Hollie Bob 25 days ago
Christmas in July i guess :)
Snickers 29 days ago
7/10 Took my dad to see E.T. Last movie we saw together before he passed away.
Tresix 29 days ago
9/10. Didn’t “Die Hard” premiere in the spring of’88?
FLETCH 29 days ago
5 out of 10. All guesses except for E.T. Never forget seeing that with my friends during summer
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