How well do you remember these iconic vintage snacks?

Snack on this quiz!


We all love a good snack, especially the snacks of decades past! In this quiz, we're showing some stills from popular commercials from previous decades advertising snacks, and you've got to remember what they're selling!

  1. What is the name of the candy bar being advertised in this commercial?
  2. What is the name of this frog shaped ice cream bar?
  3. What brand of cookies are these?
  4. What the heck are these things called?
  5. What is this thing called?
  6. What brand is being advertised in this commercial?
  7. What chips are these little elves working on?
  8. What Cheetos product is this commercial advertising?
  9. What's being poured onto this cauliflower?
  10. What cookie brand is this commercial advertising?

How well do you remember these iconic vintage snacks?

Your Result...

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ClassicTVRocks 9 days ago
9/10 I Love My Snackage!!! Lol 😆😅 Back then and I Still do Now!!! 😅
bukhrn 17 days ago
8/10, I got #1 even though I've never heard of it, and missed #2 also because I've never heard of any of them.
GTStang08 24 days ago
8/10...I'm an expert now because I know to stay away from most of that stuff. Might I add to the quizzers, there is no such thing as "Butterfingers"... C'mon's simply, "Butterfinger" Another thing, stop showing these pics in 240p. Could barely make out #7. Oh btw, the chocolate swirl in the cookies in #3, is a "G"...for Grandma. Anyone else get that? Can't believe I used to eat that aerosol cheese back in the day...smh
JERRY6 25 days ago
10 out of 10 a snack expert that never ate any of those poisons
RobertK 26 days ago
7 of 10. Not bad, only because all I remember was asking for them in the store and hearing; "We have those at home", and when back "at home" it was carrot slices and apples!
JERRY6 RobertK 25 days ago
lucky you you had smart parents
RobertK JERRY6 15 days ago
Yep, I never had a dental or an overweight problem in my entire life! Thanks to my Mom!
Ratt1959 26 days ago
6 of 10, never heard of some of them.
Zip Ratt1959 26 days ago
Same score, and for the same reason. "Fat Frog??"
Wiseguy70005 27 days ago
I wouldn't call Cheez Whiz a "snack." Also I've heard some people refer to aerosol cheese as "Cheez Whiz." As far as I know, Cheez Whiz only came in jars.
Zip Wiseguy70005 26 days ago
ncadams27 27 days ago
Cheez Whiz - integral part of a genuine Philly cheese steak.
cperrynaples ncadams27 26 days ago
No, I came from that area and you only use REAL cheese!
DeannaT 27 days ago
Fat frog laughs at my score! 5/10
TammyMeador 27 days ago
You got 8 out of 10
You're a snack expert!😊
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