How well do you remember the opening credits to Petticoat Junction?

Do you remember watching this little train roll down the tracks?

If you're a fan of Petticoat Junction, you know the series is based around the "little train that is rolling down the tracks." 

The opening credits feature the train, which is still operational today, several times and has a song that goes along with it as the show is introduced. 

There are a good amount of lyrics, characters and scenery in the opening credits to this show that belongs to the Hooterville universe. How well do you remember this opening sequence, its train and its song?

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  1. What is the first thing you hear in the Petticoat Junction theme song?
  2. Which images appears first in the opening credits, the left or right?
  3. Of the following, which character(s) appear(s) first in the opening credits?
  4. Who is the first character to be introduced with billing in the opening credits?
  5. Of these images, which appears first in the opening credits?
  6. True or false: Is the following line really from the Petticoat Junction opening credits? "There's a fine hotel called the Shady Rest at the Junction."
  7. How does Kate wake up slow-moving Uncle Joe?
  8. This is the last shot to appear in the opening credits. What is the correct credit that goes with it?

How well do you remember the opening credits to Petticoat Junction?

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wallyandbagfan 22 days ago
The song A Pretty Girl Is Like A
Melody from a 1936 movie with
Dennis Morgan.
Coldnorth 1 month ago
7/8 every time I hear that theme song, it stays in my head a long time. It’s a very pleasant song. Should be named THE BALLAD OF PETTICOAT JUNCTION. lol just being silly
Stoney 1 month ago
7 for 8. Not bad considering I probably haven't seen 7 episodes of the show.
Matsui 1 month ago
I remember as a kid in the early 70s I liked to see the 3 girls taking a bath on the big water tank.
Coldnorth Matsui 1 month ago
With Dog and his own petticoat in the water tower
Wendy57 1 month ago
Not a fan of the show, but it was sort of cute at times. I liked the little dog who ran after the train.
Peter_Falk_Fan 1 month ago
7/8 missed #2. I always liked Uncle Joe the few times that I watched the show.
JHP 1 month ago

don't know how you can snap overalls though - the straps aren't elastic
geatornez82 1 month ago
5/8. My sister watched the show more than I did, to tell you the truth.
frenchman71 1 month ago
8/8. And I was never a big fan of this show. But I liked the girls. Esp. Bobbi Jo.
I like Both Bobbi Jo's:
Pat Woodell and Lori Saunders.
I also like Daphne (Hillary Horan) the drummer in Richies band after
Bag and Sticks, Mary Ann Summers Dawn Wells Lou Ann Poovie Elizabeth MacRae Victotia Winters 1
Alexandra Moltke All 3 Billie Jo's
(JEANNINE RILEY AND Gunilla Hutton &Meredith MacRae
Gabrielle (Rene O ' Connor )
Chris Carmichael (Candy Moore)
Daphne (Kate Jackson) on Dark
Shadows and Peggy McMillan
I also like The Fun Girls from
Mount Pilot Skippy (Jean Carson )
And Daphne (Joyce Jameson ).
Hello Doll !
Hello Bernie !
That's Barney !!
You liked all the women!
That's right !!
I also liked Mary Simpson (Sue Ane Langdon) on The Andy Griffith Show , Trudy (Tita Bell ) and Jill Higgins (Charlene Tilton) and Cindy
Shellenberger (Mary Cross)
Elizabeth Dailey (Dottie in Pee Wees BIG Adventure) and Ginger
(Charlene Salerno) on The ADVENTURES of Ozzie and Harriet. Also Carey Williams and Carol Williams (Marilee ) on Happy Days.
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