Were these arrests made on Adam-12 or Dragnet?

Can you tell which criminals belong to each show?

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If you're a fan of Sixties crime shows, there's a solid chance Adam-12 and Dragnet (1967), have graced your TV screen a time or two. 

Both fight crime in the Los Angeles metro area and both made coutless arrests, though Adam-12 had plenty more in its seven seasons, compared to Dragnet's four. 

Whether it was on patrol or out of the detective field office, can you tell which arrests belong to Adam-12 and which ones belong to Dragnet?

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  1. This arrest on the street was made in...
  2. This man was arrested in...
  3. This criminal couldn't finish shaving before he was arrested. What show is this image from?
  4. This man is taken into custody in...
  5. This fancy woman was eventually charged as an accomplice. What show is she from?
  6. This man was arrested despite being in a hurry. What show is this from?
  7. This young man is being held in...
  8. Much to his displeasure, this gentleman is arrested for burglary in what show?
  9. This man is placed in handcuffs in...
  10. This trio of criminals walking between cars is taken into custody. What show is this?

Were these arrests made on Adam-12 or Dragnet?

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