Were these arrests made on Adam-12 or Dragnet?

Can you tell which criminals belong to each show?

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If you're a fan of Sixties crime shows, there's a solid chance Adam-12 and Dragnet (1967), have graced your TV screen a time or two. 

Both fight crime in the Los Angeles metro area and both made coutless arrests, though Adam-12 had plenty more in its seven seasons, compared to Dragnet's four. 

Whether it was on patrol or out of the detective field office, can you tell which arrests belong to Adam-12 and which ones belong to Dragnet?

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  1. This arrest on the street was made in...
  2. This man was arrested in...
  3. This criminal couldn't finish shaving before he was arrested. What show is this image from?
  4. This man is taken into custody in...
  5. This fancy woman was eventually charged as an accomplice. What show is she from?
  6. This man was arrested despite being in a hurry. What show is this from?
  7. This young man is being held in...
  8. Much to his displeasure, this gentleman is arrested for burglary in what show?
  9. This man is placed in handcuffs in...
  10. This trio of criminals walking between cars is taken into custody. What show is this?

Were these arrests made on Adam-12 or Dragnet?

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RichLorn 13 months ago
I'd rather be arrested in Adam 12. Sirens and flashing lights are cool.
Gossemer 13 months ago
10/10. Big Dragnet fan. Adam 12 rocks too. Funny you see the same actors/actresses in all these shows. Its a grest testament to their talent.
kkvegas Gossemer 13 months ago
Jack Webb was very loyal. I love how he used many of the same actors in his shows.
Wendy57 13 months ago
I always appreciated Burt Mustin as a versatile actor.
CaptainDunsel 13 months ago
Embarrassingly, I missed #6, despite the fact that I used to live less than a half mile from where that scene was shot, and have noted the location every time I see the episode.
Pacificsun CaptainDunsel 13 months ago
How do you know where it was shot?

Did Adam 12 do a lot filming in L.A. itself? Just curious.
CaptainDunsel Pacificsun 13 months ago
In the photo they used here you see a section of brick wall in the background. In the scene as it appears in the "Dragnet" episode "The Kidnapping" they show much more of that building and the surrounding area. Just easy to recognize when it's something you walk/drive by almost daily for seven years.
Pacificsun CaptainDunsel 13 months ago
Agreed. How cool to be that close to a shoot. In San Francisco we literally ran into filming "Streets of San Francisco" all the time! Exterior shots were done done "on the streets." They would lease people's scenic homes . Often took off from work and school just to watch. Too much standing around though!
CaptainDunsel Pacificsun 13 months ago
Oh, wow! What fun! I have always loved visiting film shoots. I didn't visit that Dragnet shoot - it was years before I moved there. But I have two favorite filming site stories.

The Long Long Bus Ride
When I lived in North Hollywood (near that Dragnet location) I worked in downtown Los Angeles, and would often catch the "Freeway Flyer" express bus about a block from that spot for the ride downtown.
One morning I missed the express by about a minute and was forced to take a "local" that wound its way through any number of neighborhoods on surface streets. During the long trek, I frankly sort of fell asleep. When I woke, I discovered I had travelled much farther than I expected, and was now in New York City! Well, at least that's what it seemed like from the NYPD squad cars, trench coats and the presence of Detectives Cagney and Lacey on the sidewalk as I looked out the bus windows from bleary eyes!
What Planet Am I On?
During that same period I worked in two different downtown locations. One day several co-workers and I were walking from a site on 7th Street to get some lunch, when we noticed some very odd signage. Billboards and vending machines which normally hawked cigarettes or US Today instead had stark black and white messages such as "Obey Authority", "CONSUME" and "No Independent Thought". It wasn't until much later, when the movie "They Live" came out that we realized what we had seen, as there was no film crew about at that moment. But it was where they filmed the convenience store scene.

[Bonus Story]
The first downtown location I worked at was the First Interstate Tower, which was the fictional home of "Colby Enterprises" in the Charleton Heston "Dynasty" spin-off, "The Colbys". Never saw any shooting, but I seem to recall seeing the fake signage one time.
JimTrue 13 months ago
9/10……I’m a pretty big deal on these quizzes….
oldmoe51 13 months ago
5/10 wow I figured I’d do way better I watch Adam-12
cperrynaples 13 months ago
8/10! Since Adam-12 is on the street and Dragnet is at the police station, it's usually obvious! BTW, 8 is Burt Mustin, who went to the same college I did! My misses were 6 & 7!
CaptainDunsel cperrynaples 13 months ago
Mustin was always one of my favorite character actors. And to anyone who thinks it's too late to make a big change in life, I believe he didn't start his acting career until he was in his 60s!
Pacificsun CaptainDunsel 13 months ago
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