How well do you remember season 1 of Sventoonie?

A new season of the red tuna of terror is coming Oct. 1!

The red tuna of terror returns for season two of Sventoonie on October 1st at 10P | 9C! To prepare for the upcoming season, let's see how well you remember season one!

Watch Sventoonie on MeTV!

Saturdays at 10 PM

*available in most MeTV markets
  1. The first movie ever shown on Sventoonie was...
    Continental Distributing
  2. The name of the video store that Trevor works at is called...
  3. Batty Bradley runs for Mayor of...
  4. What does Fratbrostein hate?
  5. What is the name of Trevor’s organ player from his little league games?
  6. Blob E. Blob’s official title is...
  7. Fratbrostein fell in love with which one of these three?
  8. Where does Trevor’s arch nemesis work?
  9. Trevor died in a...
  10. What was the last movie shown on season one?
    International Cine Film Corp.

How well do you remember season 1 of Sventoonie?

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Moverfan 1 day ago
5/10. Never watched the show, never going to (do NOT like to be scared!). How about replacing it with Homicide: Life On The Street? Or even Sesame Street?
johnwak 5 days ago
I was scared for a while there, I thought they were'nt bringing sventoonie
back.. every character is hilarious
tootsieg 7 days ago
6/10. Never watched but thought I would give it a shot.
Craig 8 days ago
The weekday & Sat. toons are a good trip down memory lane. I enjoy the Sventoonie shiw pairs good with Svengoolie on Sat. nights. Keep up the good work on all the shows.
concerned 9 days ago
Sventoonie, Svengoolie, your morning puppet show, Carol Burnett, Gomer Pyle.. THEY ALL SUCK and why do you keep showing this crap, who the heck watches
James9 9 days ago
I just wish that Sventoonie would just GO AWAY....
jtrain 10 days ago
2/10, guessed on all, never watched.
Kergooliewyn 10 days ago
9/10 I did lucky guess on a few, but overall I knew, from watching that long haired, adorably sarcastic, Toony alter ego, and his goofy sidekicks.
Should I be ashamed?😊
ClassicTVnut 10 days ago
7/10 not to bad considering more than a few were guesses.
MrChrisM 11 days ago
I love Sventoonie and Svengoolie
philip22 11 days ago
Please keep the weekday cartoon show he does
philip22 11 days ago
Surprised I got two right I started watching that show once but it's bad I don't waste my time
NickG 11 days ago
Embarrassing. Quite possibly, worst show on Me-TV. Let’s keep a full hour of Batman, or a Batman- Superman hour. Love Svengoolie though.
Pamela 12 days ago
This show is so LAME, I always change the channel. Then I end up not coming back. If you keep the schedule that's on now I watch all night.
tacoshow 12 days ago
9/10 Sventoonie is GREAT!!!!!

GioLovesMash tacoshow 12 days ago
I don't know which is the WORST Medicare commercial: Jimmie Walker, Joe Nameth, or William Shatner! I vote for Shatner: Seeing him on the Masked Singer convinced me he is on the edge of dementia...LOL!
PS Yes, I joked about dementia, but having seen my mother struggle with it, I feel I'm entitled!
yeah. i hate that
Bricat2001 12 days ago
Not very fond with this show, toon in with me is alot better than this garbage
CharleneFrench 12 days ago
Sventoonie is a total waste of air time. It’s not corny like Sven. It’s not funny; it’s stupid. Bring back Batman!
tbtoday 12 days ago
We love Sventoonie! It’s so funny!
But something is going wrong with your station because we haven’t been able to watch anything in about 3 weeks. Is a transmitter down or something? Redding, CA area…
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