How well do you know the women of The Rifleman?

They were beloved TV actors, sitcoms stars and Oscar nominees.

Though The Rifleman is primarily about a single father and his son, there was still room in North Fork for women to make their mark. They were teachers, business owners and sometimes even Lucas McCain’s toughest adversaries.

How well do you know the women from this classic Western? Try your luck below!

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  1. Hope Summers played the first owner of the North Fork general store named…
  2. Joan Taylor played the second general store proprietor…
  3. Patricia Blair played a businesswoman in later seasons named…
  4. Of all the women who regularly appeared on The Rifleman, who was in the most episodes?
  5. The episode "The Woman" is about North Fork's schoolteacher fighting for what?
  6. Wallace Earl Laven, usually credited as Amanda Ames, appeared in five Rifleman episodes. What was her connection to the show?
  7. In "The Actress" why does Lucas track down the title character?
  8. The woman from this Rifleman episode later starred on which show?
  9. Sherry Jackson appeared on The Rifleman right after leaving which family sitcom?
  10. Katy Jurado played a boardinghouse owner on The Rifleman but was also a movie star, becoming the first Mexican actress to do what?
  11. Julie Adams played the title role in the episode "Nora" just a few years after starring in which monster movie?
  12. In "The Woman from Hog Ridge" Ma Boyle is mad at Lucas because he did what?

How well do you know the women of The Rifleman?

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Cowgirl 4 months ago
Missed number 11. If I've ever seen that movie, it was a very long time ago.
Steven8861 13 months ago
Patricia Blair was in 22 Rifleman episodes, Joan Taylor in 18, Hope Summers in 16. If you're going to post a quiz, get your answers right.
Muleskinner 14 months ago
10/12. I’m watching The Rifleman right now on MeTV. It’s “The Journey Back” episode.

I missed #4 and #6. I sure thought Patricia Blair was in the most episodes.

Newyorkcitygal 23 months ago
12/12 on that one. That's better lol
Snickers 23 months ago
9 out of 12. Not bad for someone who barely watched the rifleman.
susiejar6 24 months ago
I'm really sad that I can't watch Bat Masterson on Saturdays anymore.
RedSamRackham susiejar6 4 months ago
* Bat Masterson taught us that a cane can be more than just a walking aid!
rfjindra susiejar6 12 days ago
GRIT TV every day at 1 pm Pacific Time
Jeff79 24 months ago
#4 is wrong! Not that I’m bragging I got a perfect score (well, I guess I am, but it’s not the point). Research shows Lou was in 22.. four more than Luke’s second love interest. Look it up! It’s documented!
FL82SPARTAN Jeff79 23 months ago
Then I scored 12/12! :-)
MarkSpeck 24 months ago
10 out of 12. Joan Taylor has a very interesting history. She was married first to Walter Grauman, a name that credit readers should recognize (he directed dozens of shows, including Me-TV series like The Untouchables, Perry Mason and Barnaby Jones, to name a few ). She later married producer Leonard Freeman and became Rose Freeman. Leonard produced shows like The Untouchables, Route 66 and Mr. Novak, and wrote the Clint Eastwood film Hang 'Em High, but he also created one of the most enduring television action series of all-time, Hawaii Five-O.
Teriann 24 months ago
11 out of 12. I watch this show every day. Mad that I missed #12! Shame on me.
EllisClevenger 24 months ago
You got 9 out of 12
Hattie would be proud. Great job!
Missed #6, #7, and #9
KenKnighton 24 months ago
12/12, Hattie would be proud. Great Job!
Rambo4 24 months ago
12 of 12. I am surprised that they didn’t have a question about the Agnes Morehead episode. She had the most screen time for a lady in any one episode as she collected a reward on a killer (Richard Anderson - Oscar Goldman from the Six Million Dollar Man) by making a nuisance of herself and drinking Sarsaparilla in the saloon. She was the star of the episode. Of course her claim to fame was Endora on Bewitched.
Mirramanee Rambo4 19 months ago
She was also in a supporting role as the wife of the showboat captain on the 1951 version of "Showboat". Always thought she never received her full due as an actress.
Tlor 24 months ago
You got 11 out of 12
Hattie would be proud. Great job
missed #7
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