Can you find the actor who only appeared on The Rifleman one time?

Many famous faces showed up in North Fork multiple times.

The Rifleman attracted its fair share of famous guest stars, though some had yet to become household names. Comedians, singers and horror icons all came to North Fork, often more than once.

Here are nine actors who all appeared on The Rifleman. Eight of them were in two or more episodes. Can you find the person who was only in one? Keep guessing until you find them!

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  1. Which actor was only in ONE episode of The Rifleman?

Can you find the actor who only appeared on The Rifleman one time?

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GTStang08 6 months ago
Adam West..."The Stopover" episode.
Mukusthebadd1 32 months ago
Wow, I practically picked EVERY photo, before I selected *****!
Mac2Nite 32 months ago
That's "donning" the tights... not "dawning"... LOL 😂
JewelsChuck Mac2Nite 32 months ago
I’m that same way, I can’t stand spelling errors in a public place and especially by the people who are doing this quiz 🤦🏼‍♀️
Bowlertom61 32 months ago
He appeared on The Rifleman, Bonanza and the movie Mara of the Wilderness before starring in Batman
PortelaJ 32 months ago
Bam‼️Pow‼️Wham‼️ First try, Caped Crusader.
a1k9 32 months ago
Got it on the first try.
logicgrrl 32 months ago
Nana nana nana nana got Adam West on the first try!
frances3agape 32 months ago
YAY - logically deduced correctly that Landon had either just beginning Bonanza and Rifleman was an extra gig for more exposure OR Bonanza began soon after his appearance
PS- I did not know - and still don't - who numbers 6 and 8 are
[REDDEST face of my life]
did not read all of my result before boasting
Reading other comments, I was SO WRONG !!!!!!!!!!!
Yep. Pride surely goeth before a fall
Looks like Lon Chaney and Angie Dickinson.
Lol it’s neither of the two I thought.
Thanks for the BIG LAUGH - my face is hurting!
Had to look at the pics again. Still no idea who the man is, but I think Dickinson was much prettier than the woman.
😂 The actor has played Frankenstein’s monster in a few movies and was on Gunsmoke. I believe he was the bartender or something.

I thought it was Angie on a BAD day! 😉
SCSWEETIE 32 months ago
I'm so glad & happy that the cartoons that i grew up with is B a c k !.. YeaaaA!! =)
BigDon 32 months ago
It's only called "dawning" the tights and mask if he puts them on very early in the morning.
JL1965 32 months ago
Wooohooooo , I got it , Love the Rifleman
MaryAnn 32 months ago
I’ve never seen The Rifleman so it took me seven (count em, SEVEN) tries. I’m glad that’s over. 🙄
frances3agape MaryAnn 32 months ago
Hey, no shame MA - every show is not for everybody
Either you know or you don't
nicegirl1 32 months ago
Nana Nana Nana Batman... 🥴 Tok me 5 tries!!!
jwj 32 months ago
Holy sharpshooter Batman, first try
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