How well do you know the opening credits of Monk?

Can you remember what happens in each quirky clip and the theme song used for just the first season?

It’s common for TV shows to switch up their opening credits depending on the season. In fact, we made a whole quiz about it!

The quirky detective drama Monk used a straightforward sequence of the title character in his apartment backed by an instrumental track. In later seasons, after he had plenty of adventures under his belt, the sequence spliced clips from various episodes in with shots from the first season. The later intros also used a theme song sung by Randy Newman.

Here are shots used in Monk credits sequences from the first season to the last. Can you correctly answer a question about each image?

  1. Each Monk opening sequence starts with a shot of what San Francisco landmark?
  2. What does Monk do as he walks down the street?
  3. What does Monk do here?
  4. What happens in this shot?
  5. What does Monk pour onto his toothbrush?
  6. What happens to Monk here?
  7. Why is Monk vacuuming on a ladder?
  8. What is Monk hanging from?
  9. What is Monk about to do here?
  10. Which shot ends every sequence after the first season?
  11. The first season intro ends with Monk fixing his umbrellas. What song plays over the whole original credit sequence?

How well do you know the opening credits of Monk?

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ThomasPotter 1 month ago
How well do you know the opening credits of Monk?
You got 11 out of 11
Could you hang with this quiz or were you just barely holding on?
BillKaufmann7 23 months ago
I like the show a lot more than I expected to.

It almost seems like two separate shows, though.

The first is briskly paced and relatively taunt for a television crime show.

The second is a more leisurely exploration of Monk’s distinctive style in which his solutions of (typically two interrelated) crimes is casual, almost incidental.

The blend works well.
Jayefaye1971 24 months ago
10 of 11. Last question got me.
PinkFloyd84 25 months ago
10 outta 11 cause that umbrella question got me
Debbie 26 months ago
4/11 Mostly guesses. I only watched Monk a few times
TSeym22 26 months ago
11/11 I had to think really hard about the last question to remember whether it was a piano or a guitar. I haven't been watching the reruns.
grandpa5741 26 months ago
8/11 I missed a chunk of Monk 🙃
PinkiePie 26 months ago
I got a 10 out of 11. The last one didn’t make any sense. I thought it would be one of the first two choices but definitely not the last one. It ends with a piano not a guitar.
jtrain 26 months ago
8/11, don't watch Monk. Guessed on most.
Allison 26 months ago
10/11 got the last one wrong
MichaelNivens 26 months ago
8/11 - actually 9/11 but the Insane amount of ads kept messing with me-kind of tough
LalaLucy 26 months ago
11/11. Watching it come on is part of the fun. 🙂
Allison LalaLucy 26 months ago
So true. I watch and listen to the song and I always start the song with "I don't think so"
Mcarcare 26 months ago
11 out of 11. Monk is a very interesting show dealing with OCD and memory retention.
BrianSnodgrass 26 months ago
11 /11 it is a gift and a curse.
Peter_Falk_Fan 26 months ago
8/11 I was doing great, till I got to #8. Then I missed 3 out of 4.
Filmnoirfan 26 months ago
9/11 - slightly disappointed with the score
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