How well do you know the title characters from beloved Gunsmoke episodes?

Do you know Drago, Panacea Sykes and Hard-Luck Henry?


Of the hundreds of Gunsmoke episodes that fill out the show’s incredible 20 seasons, there are a lot that stand out. Many fans love the epic two or even three-part stories told in later years, some episodes are funnier or darker than the rest and some highlight certain characters who visit Dodge City.

These latter episodes often used the characters’ names as titles. Here are 10 Gunsmoke installments that are all named for someone. Do you know who each one of these titular characters are?

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  1. Who is this episode centered around?
  2. This episode introduced which character?
  3. Who is the character named in this episode's title?
  4. This episode revolved around...
  5. This episode involves which character's relative?
  6. Who is mentioned in this title?
  7. This Christmas episode refers to...
  8. Who is this episode about?
  9. This dramatic episode revolves around...
  10. Who is this episode about?

How well do you know the title characters from beloved Gunsmoke episodes?

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ant100620 20 months ago
Tough but Interesting faces are easy names are tough still fun a way pass time. Thanks
RonCarp 29 months ago
Missed # 10 thought it was about Quints dad
Susan00100 29 months ago
My favorite character is Phoenix, played by Glenn Corbett.
Tresix 29 months ago
9/10. You guessed it: Missed the last one!
grandpa5741 29 months ago
7/10 my gun wasn’t always smoking on this quiz 🤠
RichLorn 29 months ago
I feel like the guy who loses the showdown in the opening gun duel.
DethBiz 29 months ago
10 out of 10. Robert Wilke was really an underrated actor from everything like Big Tom to Wild Bill Hickock.
Spiro 29 months ago
3/10. Just enough to get run out of town! Magnus is one of my favorite episodes. Featuring Robert Easton. Easton was a dialogue coach who specialized in dialects. Especially regional American dialects. He coached major actors. Plus he was on Superman.
This was also a radio episode.
Samuel Spiro 4 months ago
He use to appear on THE TONIGHT SHOW with Johnny Carson occasionally. Carson really got a laygh out of Easton doing his various accents and dialects.
Riff60 29 months ago
6/10. Off to the woodshed for me
Keith 29 months ago
9/10 I got the "Big Tom" wrong
FestusFan2312 29 months ago
10/10. Guessed on the last one. I guessed that Print would not be Quint’s father. Don’t remember that one. Going to have to make sure to watch it again.
Wendy57 29 months ago
I lost the smoke from my gun on this one.
Very tough.
Kenner 29 months ago
5 of 10. Need a PhD in Gunsmoke to get through that quiz! Come to think of it, I’ve never known anyone named ‘Newly.’ Have you?
Andybandit 29 months ago
I got 4/10. I got #2, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10.
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