How well do you know the classic cartoon “One Froggy Evening”?

Michigan J. Frog was only in one original short but he still became a fan favorite.

There are plenty of Looney Tunes shorts like “The Crackpot Quail” or “It’s Hummer Time” (a pun on “summer time” featuring a hummingbird, not a hip-hop song still decades away) that featured fun characters but never broke out into the cultural mainstream from their single brief appearance.

The 1955 short “One Froggy Evening” is the rare one-off cartoon that remains as popular today as anything starring Bugs or Daffy. It has been referenced countless times in pop culture since its debut and the unnamed amphibian star was later dubbed Michigan J. Frog. It even got a sequel “Another Froggy Evening” in 1995.

How many times have you seen this iconic short? Test your knowledge of the froggy details with this quiz!

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  1. The name of the wrecking company is a brand used in many Looney Tunes shorts. What company is it?
  2. What is the very first thing the construction worker finds in the box?
  3. What’s the first song the frog sings?
  4. What is unique about the song?
  5. What happens when the man goes to a talent agency?
  6. What’s the second song the frog sings?
  7. What is unique about this second song?
  8. The man advertises free admission to see his singing frog but that doesn’t work. What finally gets people in the door?
  9. The frog sings the opera aria “Largo al factotum” on a bench in the park. What other Looney Tunes short used the song?
  10. The man brings the frog to another construction site. Where does he leave it?
  11. The cartoon ends in what year of the future?
  12. This iconic cartoon was directed by which famous Looney Tunes animator?

How well do you know the classic cartoon “One Froggy Evening”?

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Hollie 3 days ago
8 of 12 used to love this short as a kid
ELEANOR 6 days ago
6/12 is pretty good since I've never seen the cartoon.
adamsbabe 6 days ago
We laughed at this cartoon on toon In with me:)
zman47240 7 days ago
9/12. Still seems silly they used him as the mascot for an entire network when he only appeared in one cartoon episode.
marmetv20 7 days ago
5/12 always one of my favs. Didn't help me remember it!
FestusFan2312 9 days ago
11/12. Did not know Hello My Honey was one of the first to mention a telephone. Of course this was a Chuck Jones cartoon. You can see it in every element of the film…right down to the “Chuck Jones smile”. He was the absolute master. This has to be one of the greatest ever.
Wendy57 9 days ago
I really appreciate the old popular songs accompanying these classic cartoons.
We live in a home built in 1904 and I think about that type of music being enjoyed by previous families living here. What it must’ve been like.
If only walls could talk ?
Then again ........... maybe not 🤫👻😯
richaroo74 10 days ago
You got 6 out of 12 man I laughed at most of the questions. If anyone got all right good for you 😜
Muleskinner 10 days ago
5/12. I had never heard of Michigan J. Frog.
geatornez82 10 days ago
12/12. One of my all time favorite cartoons.
Toonhead geatornez82 10 days ago
Very, very good. I genuflect in your direction! 👏😎
BillyDenhamSpringsLA 10 days ago
Does anyone else here share my dislike for the Toon In With Me program? I only watch it for the vintage cartoons. They spend way too much time on their own peculiar segments, and self-awareness. I'm prepared for your replies!!
I don't like the background of all those TV screens. Reminds me of those annoying old Crazy Eddie commercials. The classic toons are the best though.
I feel the same way! They could show another cartoon or two if they'd get rid of the humans. That's is not why we watch. We watch it for Bugs, Sylvester, Foghorn Leghorn, Wiley Coyote, Popeye, et al, but I sure don't watch it for Mr Quizzer or Goldie Fisher.
Get a sense of humor and have it installed. You also probably find the toons depressing, right?
Toonhead CarolKelley 10 days ago
See my reply to billy
Oh , I thought I was the only one thinking that !!! I pause this show on my Tivo player and fast forward through stuff like the "Hobo Box Car Girl" which makes my skin crawl ! I timed it one morning and I think in 30 minutes only 12 minutes of cartoons played . I think they are starting to play a little more of the cartoons lately . Just my thoughts .
its why i dont watch ..just show the cartoons
barrier 10 days ago
7/12! I haven’t seen this cartoon in years!
ww245 10 days ago
This quiz was easier than I thought it would be. 10/12
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