Can you fill in these Looney Tunes titles with the right rhyme?

Can you claim to name these names?


Looney Tunes shorts have all kinds of creative titles. Most are puns on popular movies, songs or phrases, often with “hare” or “duck” inserted for Bugs and Daffy.

This quiz is all about cartoon names with clever rhymes — sometimes along with a pun! Here are ten rhyming Looney Tunes titles. Can you fill in the missing word for each one?

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  1. What is missing from the title of this classic Daffy cartoon?
  2. This Bugs cartoon title is missing...
  3. Can you fill in the missing rhyme here?
  4. What word is missing from this Daffy short?
  5. This dog cartoon is missing...
  6. What is missing from the title of this Sylvester and Tweety short?
  7. This Foghorn Leghorn cartoon is missing which word?
  8. What word goes here?
  9. What is the rhyme for this Bugs cartoon?
  10. What is missing from this Tweety cartoon title?

Can you fill in these Looney Tunes titles with the right rhyme?

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rycki1138 20 months ago
Rabbit Transit is more of a pun than a rhyme.
BugsBunny1 30 months ago
i got all of them right since i own a few looney tunes cartoons on vhs and laserdisc and DVD in my collection and own a few cartoon network and ABC tv recordings on a blank VHS Tape from ebay and saw them on tv as a kid since im a fan of them
aleonardi 31 months ago
Would love to see more WB cartoons. Besides Bugs, Beaky is my favorite.
becky121861 31 months ago
Sure wish we could see speedy Gonzales and Slowpoke Rodriguez
Mymylynn 31 months ago
9/10. I'm 67 and I always get the cartoon and black and white TV programs correct more
country46 32 months ago
got 5 of 10 the 70's and i got along to good and the 80s and some 90s and last year might explain why i can't remember half of these frigging quizzes i have slowed down now might to late
Zip 32 months ago
The drawings gave pretty good clues on most of them. Just missed #2 and #6.
Martanrick1975 32 months ago
4/10 🙄 ugh! reminds me of my school report cards. 😳
paulat0805 32 months ago
10 out of 10. Love my Looney Tunes!
Dajj 32 months ago
6/10 I hav got to quit workin and watch more toons!!!
Gayleistoons 32 months ago
Yuck, what a wretched evil cartoon. Why would satan be mentioned in a children's show? Disgustingly nauseating
Because this cartoon was a theatrical short and not a cartoon designed for children.
jtrain 32 months ago
9/10, got the last one wrong.
Jamesatkinson 32 months ago
Missed 3, little more tricky than I first thought. 🤔😏👍
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