Can you match these cartoon homes to the right Looney Tunes characters?

Do you know who inhabited these animated abodes?

Classic Looney Tunes shorts are hilarious and timeless, but many of them are also works of art. The skill put into every frame is incredible, even if those frames are of Wile E. Coyote blowing himself up.

The animators’ attention to detail really shines through when they draw a character’s house. Whether it’s the architectural design of the outside or the decorations inside, these cartoon homes say a lot about who lives there.

Can you tell which characters live in these animated abodes?

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  1. Whose house is this?
  2. Who lives in the cave behind this door?
  3. This ominous castle belongs to which villainous type?
  4. Who lives on this farm?
  5. Who lives in this tree?
  6. Whose house was flooded in this cartoon?
  7. Can you tell whose cabin this is?
  8. This cottage belongs to which fairy tale character?
  9. Whose rooftop penthouse is this?
  10. This friendly pink house is actually the home of...
  11. Who takes shelter in this house during a storm?
  12. This house is a popular spot. Who lives here?

Can you match these cartoon homes to the right Looney Tunes characters?

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oldmoe51 8 hours ago
10/12 not bad never heard of a couple of these characters
satisgods 10 hours ago
OMG 5 it’s messing with my mind.LOL🤣🤣🤣
knezevich 16 hours ago
Elmer's pent house is the only one I missed
FLETCH 1 day ago
I want Elmer's rooftop penthouse!

Susan00100 FLETCH 24 hours ago
Witch Hazel's house looks like it'll crumble any minute.
tootsieg 1 day ago
6/12. This quiz was a tough one. Did a lot of guessing.
Dajj 2 days ago
5/12, that was a tough one! Ive gotta watch more toons!!!
DIGGER1 3 days ago
Can you match these cartoon homes to the right Looney Tunes characters?
You got 12 out of 12
You concocted a great score!
bnichols23 3 days ago
Tougher than one might think. Still, 10's not too bad. I loved #7! "Fair-Haired Hare"'s probably my favorite Bugsy/Sam toon. :) "Well, whadyaknow, I've got a cabin in the sky" for my coins is the funniest reference line in there. (I've loved that flick since I was a kid too; I try to catch it any time it's on Turner Classic Movies. Rex Ingram is one of my favorite actors.)
Mr305north 3 days ago
Why Oliver wears tie in every scene in Green Acres tv show ??? Anyone know ??
nd1irish Mr305north 3 days ago
Because he’s a lawyer from NYC?
CaptainDunsel 3 days ago
Not really at home with this one.
Booo, hisssssss....... -laugh-
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