Can you guess what other shows these Waltons stars are on?

They were on sitcoms, sci-fi shows and Westerns both before and after their time on the family drama.


Though she had been acting for decades before being cast on The Waltons, Ellen Corby is most widely known as Grandma Esther. Same goes for Will Geer as Grandpa Zeb, Michael Learned as Olivia, and Ralph Waite as John Walton. Even some of the children acted on TV before landing their biggest roles.

Here are 10 times actors from The Waltons appeared on the small screen in something other than the beloved family series.

Can you guess what show they are on in these images?

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  1. Will Geer is here with Leonard Nimoy on which crime series?
  2. Richard Thomas played a German soldier in which made-for-TV war movie?
  3. Michael Learned played a tough frontier woman named Mike in which Western?
  4. What show is Mary Beth McDonough on here?
  5. Ellen Corby played a character's mother on which show?
  6. Here is Ralph Waite before he was John Walton on which 1960s Western?
  7. Before he was Ike Godsey, Joe Conley appeared here in an episode of...
  8. Here's Jon Walmsley in which police drama?
  9. Eric Scott appeared in an episode of which 1960s fantasy sitcom before The Waltons?
  10. Here is Judy Norton in which '90s sci-fi show?

Can you guess what other shows these Waltons stars are on?

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MarkSpeck 42 months ago
9 out of 10, including a few guesses. Lost on the final one!
JewelsChuck 43 months ago
7/10... I just saw that episode of Adam-12 a couple of weeks ago and spotted John Wamsley and little Butch Patrick in the same storyline.
Irish 43 months ago
Missed the Richard Thomas question. Can't watch war movies.
EllisClevenger 43 months ago
You got 8 out of 10
Did you know all the answers or were you a little perplexed?
Missed #3 and #6
pidge 43 months ago
I played a cop on an episode of Ralph Waite’s short-lived series The Mississippi. Very nice man.
GregLemieux 44 months ago
10/10 Had to guess on a couple of them, but I guessed right.
JimMitchell 44 months ago
Loved the episodes of St. Elsewhere with Michael Learned as a nun, trying to have another sister disconnected from life support after a car accident. Great show and very moving storyline. She was very convincing as a mother superior, even though she's so well-known for one role.
Robertp 44 months ago
0 out of 10. Didn’t really like the Waltons
FLETCH Robertp 44 months ago
0 is actually impressive
Lacey 44 months ago
9/10 which really surprised me. It was more detective work than actually seeing those episodes.
AllisonWunderland 44 months ago
7/10...I knew 5 of them for sure and the rest were guesses 🤷‍♀️😆
scp 44 months ago
Nine out of ten. I guessed wrong on Ralph Waite.
On Number 10 I've watched all three shows and I don't recall Norton's appearance. I was able to get it right mainly by elimination (the background was contemporary and the character she was talking to didn't look like they fit in one of the choices).
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