How well do you know the career of Lorne Greene?

He acted in sci-fi shows and disaster movies, and reunited with his TV sons in the 1980s.


Most people know Lorne Greene as the patriarch of the Cartwright family on the long-running Western series Bonanza. But the hit show only represented the middle part of his time in showbusiness. He had been in Hollywood for many years before landing his famous role and continued to act for over a decade after.

How well do you know the career of Lorne Greene? Take this quiz to find out!

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  1. Lorne Greene is best known as the father of the Cartwright family on Bonanza. What is Mr. Cartwright’s first name?
  2. How old was Lorne Greene when Bonanza premiered?
  3. How many seasons of Bonanza was Lorne Greene in?
  4. After Bonanza, Greene starred in which Seventies sci-fi series?
  5. Greene was in which 1974 action film?
  6. Which famous horror villain did Greene play on ‘The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries’?
  7. Greene acted in two different movies released in 1959 that also featured which Gilligan’s Island star?
  8. In one episode of this 1950s anthology series, Lorne Greene played a mysterious character named Mr. X.
  9. Greene reunited with his TV son, Pernell Roberts, for a 1980 two-part episode of which show?
  10. Greene also appeared on Michael Landon’s '80s series…
  11. Greene’s last project was the 1987 TV movie ‘The Alamo: Thirteen Days to Glory’ along with which other TV western star?

How well do you know the career of Lorne Greene?

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ELEANOR 43 months ago
Looking at all the photos of Lorne Greene, he appears to be very distinguished. Why is it that when men age they look really great! Yet, when women age they're suddenly over the hill, only able to snag occasional parts. Some women making efforts to look younger succeed only in looking clownish.
Salem 43 months ago
He was a true star
dmzabooo Salem 43 months ago
And a Canadian gem! Good singer so I’m told
Cowgirl 43 months ago
You got 11 out of 11
You must be walking tall after getting so many right!
Lorne also guest starred on Trapper John MD which starred Pernell Roberts.
dmzabooo Cowgirl 43 months ago
That’s what I thought the quiz makers were going to ask. Not the Vegas shenanigans question. But I guess that’s what made it tough for some(like me)
molly 43 months ago
Great actor ! Love Bonanza ❤️
frenchman71 43 months ago
7/11. Wasn't that big a Lorne Greene fan. I'm surprised they didn't list another series he starred in where he played a private eye, "Griff". It was only on for a year.
AgingDisgracefully 43 months ago
For News Matter Only...
kimmer 43 months ago
9/11.... I think my mom had a crush on him....she watched a lot of shows with him in it. Hence the score
Diesel1074 43 months ago
Great actor! All roles he portrayed he did well!
Deborah53 43 months ago
He was a very good actor. Realistic in his portrayals abd had a wonderful voice.
JERRY6 43 months ago
9 of 11 walking tall . met the man once , seemedl ike a good guy
MikefromJersey 43 months ago
10 for 11. He is buried next to Michael Landon. I gotta say, Lorne had one of the best rugs
in Hollywood. I had no idea till Landon spilled the beans to Johnny Carson in one very
funny story. Everybody on Bonanza was bald except for Landon and the horses.
Moverfan MikefromJersey 42 months ago
I remember him being on The Tonight Show once with Michael, talking about how none of his three boys had kept in touch--"I turn on the TV one day...this one's married, living out on the prairie...I've got three granddaughters I didn't know anything about..."
MikefromJersey Moverfan 42 months ago
Thanks Mover, that gave me a laugh. Michael Landon's family life was a mess growing up, you read between the lines it seemed he wasn't loved but rather tolerated as a responsibility.
Might explain his idealized family "on the prairie". Greene took him under his wing and helped mold the man, he was in a real sense Mike's father.
UTZAAKE 43 months ago
10/11. #9.
6. Being of similar voice and build as William Marshall, always thought Lorne Greene was playing a white Blacula.
FLETCH 43 months ago
7 out of 11 ... much better than i figured i'd do
CaptainDunsel 43 months ago
Not completely a Greene-horne.

BTW, in 1975 Lorne Greene took over the Brian Keith role from the 1966 Steve McQueen film "Nevada Smith", in a TV series pilot called (wait for it) "Nevada Smith". (Cliff Potts took the Steve McQueen role.)
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