Are these the names of Andy Griffith Show characters or cartoon characters?

Ernest T. Bass is not a fish.


Mayberry sure had some colorful characters — even in black-and-white. The Looney Tunes cartoons you love, on the other hand, have characters literally full of color, popping off the screen in beautiful, hand-made animation.

It's pretty easy to tell The Andy Griffith Show apart from a cartoon (though, Barney Fife can contort his face like Bugs Bunny) — but can you tell the difference between a character from the Mayberry sitcom and characters from Merrie Melodies and Looney Tunes shorts?

Good luck, doc!

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  1. Goopy Geer
  2. Dud Wash
  3. Hilda Mae
  4. Sam Jones
  5. Miss Prissy
  6. Mr. McBeevee
  7. Chilkoot Sam
  8. Private Snafu
  9. Henery Hawk
  10. Marc Antony
  11. Mr. Frisby
  12. Skippy & Daphne
  13. Willoughby
  14. Dean Darling
  15. Dan McFoo

Are these the names of Andy Griffith Show characters or cartoon characters?

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WGH 1 month ago

Trivia about Private Snafu.
SNAFU is an acronym used in the US military. It means Situation Normal, All F***ed Up.

It's usually used by enlisted men when talking about officers. It's sarcastic.
Sachelle 27 months ago
11/15. I've never seen the Andy Griffith show.
amosdark 40 months ago
12/15thumb dragged wrong answers...😁anyone remember ‘sky king’ from Saturday mornings..?
WGH amosdark 1 month ago
They did a movie several years back with Jude Law.

Sky King and the World of Tomorrow.

It didn't do too well in the theaters but I really liked it.
JewelsChuck 40 months ago
13/15 some I guessed at, so a great score in my opinion.
ETristanBooth 40 months ago
15/15. I know the TAGS characters, so the others must be cartoons.
Jonathan_nyc_ 41 months ago
sam jones? 11/15
SteveO Jonathan_nyc_ 41 months ago
Mayberry RFD
Jonathan_nyc_ SteveO 40 months ago
ohhh i never watched rfd why do the characters look so different in rfd? lol
WGH Jonathan_nyc_ 1 month ago
No one watched Mayberry RFD. Lol.

Ken Barry just wasn't very good.
mhfisher35 41 months ago
Missed #2. Dud Wash?
SteveO mhfisher35 41 months ago
Charlene Darling's fiance.
clschnetz 41 months ago
I must admit Andy Griffith has always been one of my favs! Looney toons as well! Quiz was a cinch! Only negative for weekday cartoons is the stupidity, for lack of better word, of Mr. Bill and the sock puppet. Really? So unnecessary! Play more cartoons!!!
WGH clschnetz 1 month ago
I like Bill but the skits are too long. I do like the sock puppet.
AmyMo28 41 months ago
11/15 🤷 I am enjoying the morning toons during the week and on Saturday mornings. I feel like a kid again. 👧 😁
Peter_Falk_Fan AmyMo28 41 months ago
I was so thrilled to see MeTV do this! I remember getting up Satuday mornings to watch Bugs Bunny/Roadrunner cartoons. I even owned a Plymouth Roadrunner with the "Beep-beep" horn.
AmyMo28 Peter_Falk_Fan 41 months ago
Very cool.👍
CouchPotato19 41 months ago
I like to sleep in on Saturdays.
amosdark 41 months ago
Anyone recall a show called’fernwood tonight’-or was it 2nite...?-don’t recall-with Martin mull and Fred Willard..?
ropa724 amosdark 41 months ago
Really good show. Dry humor. Same time frame as Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.
Racer_Jim amosdark 41 months ago
It was Fernwood 2nite and that thing was a hoot. Fred Willard was Martin Mull’s straight man on the show.
amosdark ropa724 40 months ago
I think it was a spin-off of m. h.,m. h...
Cougar amosdark 33 months ago
I have both seasons on DVD, it was a GREAT show!!
Rumrunner 41 months ago
After Saturday morning cartoons were over did anyone ever get women's roller derby?
Peter_Falk_Fan Rumrunner 41 months ago
Sure did! I can still remember seeing them pushing and shoving for points and getting slammed into the railing. The Bombers is the only team name that I can remember.
BobbyPowers 41 months ago
Woke up Saturday morning all set to watch my western lineup and remembered MeTV switched to children's programming from my youth, that I actually stopped finding funny when I was eleven . I tried to watch the cartoons but began to feel rather silly, especially watching the segments with the corny puppets and the uninspiring host. My guess is that MeTV is trying to capture the same vibe that is "so successful" with Svengoolie, but unfortunately in this case, it just doesn't work! Oh well..."HAVE REMOTE WILL TRAVEL".
SteveO BobbyPowers 41 months ago
Will still peek at Looney Tunes but the others didn't ever do much for me.
As far as weekday morning, any school kids still watching are sleeping in till last minute before heading off to school.
Those not yet in, if awake are watching Disney!
WGH SteveO 1 month ago
Lots of kids watch it at my kids school. I think it's probably doing pretty well in the ratings.
MikeyMello 41 months ago
14 out of 15...I missed question 10.
Toot1956 41 months ago
Too Easy, and I hate the Saturday morning 3hrs concept, why not 1 hour and continue the Westerns. #Bring back Trackdown Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
EmBee 41 months ago
Boy, did they EVER reach deep for some of these...ok, really ALL of these. Chilkoot Sam? was really Yosemite Sam? And he's now too much poison in today's PC world.
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