Are these one-word Western titles from movies, TV shows or both?

Can you place names like Rawhide, Lancer, Stagecoach and Branded?

Westerns, both in TV and film, have some of the best one-word titles of any genre. Whether they take the straightforward route and use a character name or they pick a vaguely related Old West term, it's hard to beat monikers like Rawhide, Sugarfoot and McLintock!

With the sheer number of Western stories being told from the 1930s to the 1970s, it's no wonder many names were reused. Many small-screen series took their names from older Western films — even if there weren't many other similarities.

Here are 12 single-word titles from films and television shows. Can you guess what each name belongs to or if it is both?

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  1. Bonanza
  2. McLintok!
  3. Gunsmoke
  4. Stagecoach
  5. Rawhide
  6. Lancer
  7. Branded
  8. Bandolero!
  9. Riverboat!
  10. Cheyenne
  11. Laredo
  12. Sugarfoot

Are these one-word Western titles from movies, TV shows or both?

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CAFlynnie 1 month ago
Lancer is a top 12 Western and gets mentioned in many of your Quizzes and Trivia lists. But yet your station has never played the series.
Please consider adding just one weekly hour dedicated to the Lancer TV Series. We have a huge fan base as well as a website with over 3000 Fan Fiction stories. Most of us would be happy if we could just stream it somewhere. The Lancer TV Series does not have any DVD's.
You would gain 500+ viewers immediately if you would just run both seasons. We all watched it faithfully at 5 am several years ago. If we can do that then Lancer fans would make really great MeTV viewers.
Jeffrey 23 months ago
"You got 4 out of 12" ------Looks like you had some problems with quiz. Better luck next time!
TijuanaSlim 25 months ago
almost all my 'errors' were Boths where I knew of one version or another but forgot it was 'adapted' or the title recycled
Catman 28 months ago
Imagine a freight train running into a fly. The freight train is the quiz, and I am the fly. Failure is too positive a word for how poorly I did on this.
Mr305north 28 months ago
I missed almost all on TV shows
Mark091 34 months ago
I would like to suggest that MeTv show made for movies once a week
Two great made for tv movies are
The Princess of Theives
And Lorna Doone
Keira Knightley plays Gynn the
Daughter of Robin Hood
Amelia Earmhart has appeared
As Lorna Doone in this movie
Mark091 Mark091 34 months ago
Correction It was Amelia
Warner who played Lorna Doone
Br0ther1KB 35 months ago
6/12 I didn't expect it to be that good. Wellity wellity wellity.
Muleskinner 35 months ago
10/12. I love westerns, movies or TV, or both.
daDoctah 35 months ago
What two John Wayne westerns had different titles both of which were names for the same geographic feature?
Nancy daDoctah 35 months ago
Stagecoach and Searchers, both filmed in Monument valley.
EllisClevenger 35 months ago
You got 7 out of 12
Looks like you had some problems with this quiz. Better luck next time!
Missed a lot.
I chalk it up to Gunsmoke being the only one with an honest "Both".
The only things shared between the others listed as "Both", was a title. Nothing more.
jschliclbernd9 35 months ago
6/12 looks like I had some problems with this quiz.
frenchman71 35 months ago
9/12. I missed 7,9, & 12. Never would've thought "Branded" was a movie. I saw the TV show. As kids we used to dress up with an old shirt with pins on it and have someone come up and rip them off the shirt, just like Chuck Conners as he was being punished in the show's opening.
TheDavBow3 35 months ago
5/12 ugh!! Too many "boths"!!
justjeff 35 months ago
7 out of 12. Who knew that there were so many shared titles... I missed a bunch of them as well as a regular movie/tv show choice.... Bleah!
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