How well do you know Robin's Holyisms?

Robin the Boy Wonder is known for his many classic catchphrases throughout the run of Batman. Can you tell what's a real catchphrase and what's not?

Robin the Boy Wonder is known for his many classic "Holy catchphrase, Batman!" interjections throughout the run of Batman. Can you tell what the beloved sidekick actually said and which ones are "holy fabricated catchphrases?"
  1. Holy bargain basements, Batman!
  2. Holy guacamole, Batman!
  3. Holy halitosis, Batman!
  4. Holy diversionary tactics, Batman!
  5. Holy high interest rates, Batman!
  6. Holy fate-worse-than-death, Batman!
  7. Holy clams, Batman!
  8. Holy fishbowl, Batman!
  9. Holy non-sequiturs, Batman!
  10. Holy high pressure, Batman!

How well do you know Robin's Holyisms?

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Herbert 3 hours ago
I miss 3 seven out of 10 not bad
hyppymom 6 hours ago
Ok, I totally blew this one. I love Batman and Robin but evidently I haven't paid much attention to Robin's holyisms. I will from now on though
Wenatchee7 8 hours ago
9/10 Are you sure question number 1 wasn't said in a late night furniture commercial ?
DethBiz 20 hours ago
8 out of 10. No red herrings?
Bad_Pizza 22 hours ago
8/10 - But to be fair, you can put anything in "Holy _____, Batman!" Holy METV Quiz disappointment, Batman!
ELEANOR 24 hours ago
5/10 Well, the last time I watched Batman, I was knee-high to a grasshopper.
texasluva 1 day ago
Holy smithereens why couldn't I solve the last two questions right Batman? Your youth and over exuberance Robin lead to a 8/10 score. Also never listen to that Texasluva touter.
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LoveMETV22 texasluva 1 hour ago
The Dart Cam. It is exciting. You can switch back and forth between the Public and Media Feed. Just over an hour.
texasluva LoveMETV22 1 hour ago
Exciting. I'll never go back to watching grass grow 🙄. Okay, okay Good that it's not an Earth Shattering experience in the future but an Earth Saving one 🌎
LoveMETV22 texasluva 1 hour ago
We have Target lock. Sorry I look away every few moments to watch some paint drying. I also have a pot with some water to watch LOL.
texasluva LoveMETV22 6 minutes ago
I read there will be a 45 second delay. I did the math and it came out to 38 seconds but NASA may have delayed it more. 7 million miles divided by 186,000 MPS. Not sure that is the exact distance though.
Catman 1 day ago
Well, I missed the halitosis one, but the rest were wholly easy.
daDoctah 2 days ago
Holy 7/10!

My favorite didn't come until three years ago when all the DC TV shows did a big crossover for the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Characters from every version of every DC universe reacted to their world getting sucked up in the cataclysm, and on Earth-66 (the different Earths were named after the year of their inception), Burt Ward was walking his dog when the sky turned red, the signal that this universe was next to go. He looked up and exclaimed "Holy Crimson Skies of Death!" before being erased from existence.
Michael 2 days ago
So Robin said nothing in the giant clam episode? Or was that "holy fate worse than death"?
daDoctah Michael 1 day ago
It was either that or "Holy month containing an R!"
cperrynaples 2 days ago
4/10! my biggest mistake was 7, because MeTV just showed the episode where Robin was eaten by a giant clam!
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