Guess how these favorite Halloween candies got their names

Your favorite candy might have been named after a horse.


Image: Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels

The names of some candies remain wrapped in mystery! There's no clear story on why Mike and Ike, Twix, Baby Ruth and Oh Henry! have their monikers.

Fortunately, some of our other sugary favorites have an origin story.

See if you can match their name origins to the correct candy!

  1. Named after a beloved horse owned by the Mars family.
  2. Named after a London club that dates back to the 18th century.
  3. Named so because it originally came packaged with chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavor varieties.
  4. A play on the German word for "peppermint."
  5. Because they look like little safety devices on a boat.
  6. They were so sour they "hurt."
  7. The sales manager of the Akron Candy Company wanted a name so simple, any child could say it.
  8. Because they were intended to be round, but came out misshapen.
  9. Named after the wife of candy maker Robert O. Lord.
  10. It's original name was the "Papa Sucker."
  11. Taken from the nickname candy mogul Leo Hirshfield gave his daughter Clara.
  12. Named after a wildly popular dance of the 1920s.
  13. Named after a street in Reading, Pennsylvania, where Luden's was located.

Guess how these favorite Halloween candies got their names

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Martanrick1975 31 months ago
My favorite candy is Sugar Daddy! When I was a kid one of my siblings got a giant Sugar Daddy candy in the mail. My oldest sister made him share with us! 🤤😂
Martanrick1975 31 months ago
13/13 Hey I got them all correct! I really had to think of #8 I thought all those candies were oddly shaped. The questions had good clues which helped! 🤔😊
JHP 31 months ago

gees my fav candy was smarties and they were never that sour

oh well - good ol days of coming home with brown shopping bags full of

candy and NO bad surprises..

days gone forever
johnervolina15 31 months ago
12 / 13
Mess up on the MARY JANE one.
RichLorn 31 months ago
9/13 My favorite then and now is a Chunky ....... and it shows.
Randall 31 months ago
# 5 Aman has fallen off a boat and is drowning, as He flails around in the water he yells (toss ma a lifesaver) The man remaining on the boat replies WINTER_GREEN or PEPPERMINT?
JHP Randall 31 months ago
I always really liked the fruit ones - they reminded me of jolly rancher
Moverfan 31 months ago
When I was in kindergarten and first grade (maybe second grade too), my dad would come home from work, hang his work jacket on the closet door and then tell me to look in his jacket pocket. I don't know where he got them, but I went through a LOT of Mary Jane candies. (He was born in 1931, I was born the year he turned 31 and I was an only child until I was 13, when my sister was born...I am spoiiiiled!)
idkwut2use 31 months ago
You got 12 out of 13
Was it a sweet result… or are you feeling a little tart? Share your score… and your favorite candy!

Missed #8. What a ton of excellent deliciosity throughout the choices though…at least 17-20 or so favorites of mine. 8D
AnnieM 31 months ago
I wish they would bring back that Neopolitan-style 3 Musketeers - it sounds yummy!
bruceisloose 31 months ago
12/13. As a candy expert, I'm embarassed that I missed #11. Oh well.
Moverfan bruceisloose 31 months ago
Well, I missed #13. Maybe if we put everybody together, we all aced this sucker...(who's got the peppermint Life Savers?).
Oldielover 31 months ago
7/13...Totally didn't know the ones I missed...I knew one,but didn't click on it--....And Butterfingers is a better horse name!!...Good quiz!
RobertK 31 months ago
11 of 13. Just a few were guesses. I feel like I have to go brush my teeth now! Sweet quiz! (sorry, couldn't resist)
olddogg 31 months ago
It's not a street if it's an avenue, you sillies.
Moverfan olddogg 31 months ago
It's in Pennsylvania? I always thought 5th Avenue was in New York...
gockionni 31 months ago
8/13 - imagine being presented with a tray of unwrapped candies these days! Halloween was a blast in the ‘60’s, store-bought costumes in a box, pillow case “bags” and the crispy night air. Does anyone remember the Kraft caramel apple commercials during “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” ??
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gockionni AnnieM 31 months ago
Where I live now I have leaves in the fall and I don’t rake lol but in AZ, in the valley, we didn’t have trees in our yard that lost their leaves. We had to drive up north to see any significant fall color and it was beautiful!
AnnieM gockionni 31 months ago
The house I grew up in had an oak tree in the yard next to ours right at the fence line. We had acorns AND leaves. The leaves were huge and leathery - they had to be raked, as they didn't break down. I used to imagine them being used to paper a hut like on Gilligan's Island - they were that strong! 🤣 And the acorns - I had the kitchen roof outside my 2nd floor bedroom window; any time a good gust of wind came through, that roof would get a raining of acorns that sounded like a machine gun. 😂 Lucky for me, where my husband & I live now, we have a couple of huge maple trees, but the leaves are small and thin, and totally disintegrate on their own by the time spring rolls back we don't have to rake, either. 😊
gockionni AnnieM 31 months ago
I’m jealous, you live where there are four seasons... I moved from a place that was either hot or cold to a place where it’s either dry or wet lol. A temperate climate at best without noteworthy season changes. We have oak trees here and they’re protected, can’t cut them down as they were planted by pioneers. Very nice Garry Oak trees.
Moverfan cabugi 30 months ago
I'll trade you all my circus peanuts for the Bit O' Honey--I love those!
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