Match these scary Halloween episodes to the correct TV shows… if you dare!

Turn a light on and check under the bed first.


Halloween episodes are a long tradition in television. You can trace them all the way back to "The Halloween Party" on The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet in 1952.

Sitcoms love to put characters in Halloween costumes. But here we're dealing with shows that dared to be a little spookier.

We've gathered images of memorable Halloween episodes from the genres of drama, mystery, sci-fi and action. See if you can match them to the correct show!

  1. These costumed kids appeared in a courtroom in 1962.
  2. She dressed as a witch for "Halloween"
  3. The eerie episode "The Howling Man" aired a few days after Halloween in 1960.
  4. Is that Frankenstein on the table?!
  5. Michael Landon was in 'I Was a Teenage Werewolf' in 1957. He was in "I Was a Middle-Aged Werewolf" on this show.
  6. Ah! That is one spooky witch (of three)!
  7. Don Most of 'Happy Days' dressed up as a KISS-like character for "Rock Devil Rock" on this show.
  8. A creepy poltergeist made this Raggedy Ann doll come to life on this drama.
  9. Raise your hand (and click) if you recognize these trick-or-treaters.
  10. Here are two scenes from "Halloween" on this 1990s teen drama.
  11. "Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble" was a 1989 Halloween episode of this mystery series.
  12. "The Vampire" (played by John Saxon) spooked the cops on this 1976 show.

Match these scary Halloween episodes to the correct TV shows… if you dare!

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country46 30 months ago
only got 6 the rest scared the crap out of me
CaptainDunsel 30 months ago
And on 3, 6 and 11 I didn't even need the list. I knew the images on 3 & 6 on sight. And on 11 the font is immediately recognizable!
batuhandemirtas 54 months ago
lol im not aware a single episode in this how sad. a very interesting blog though. these tv shows are not available in my region though how unfair. im gonna get purevpns halloween deal since its easy on the pocket. hopefully itll do the job
batuhandemirtas 54 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Custodes 54 months ago
9 out of 12. I never watched The Waltons nor Little House On The Prairie nor Eight Is Enough. And the 1990s questions are just pain wrong here!:-)
ELEANOR 55 months ago
On Perry Mason, one of those "kids" was actually an adult midget.
LarryLeGros 55 months ago
10/12. Think I'll quit while I'm ahead.
Runeshaper 55 months ago
You got 7 out of 12
Ah! It's alive!

I don't think I saw any of those episodes lol but John Saxon was always cool!
cperrynaples 55 months ago
Didn't Lucy do a Halloween episode? I remember seeing a picture of her in a witch costume!!
She was a witch for little Ricky's school play. But it was not for Halloween. Ethel was the good fairy in the play.
CarrieMcCourt 55 months ago
Please MEtv The Munsters and The Addams Family. Tales From The Crypt wouldn't hurt either. Annnnnd Tales From the Dark Side!!!!
Mke CarrieMcCourt 55 months ago
Yeah to that
CarrieMcCourt 55 months ago
9/12 I never did like the Teen-Angst shows
csaaphill 55 months ago
and yeah INSP has the Waltons why not here? and or some of those other shows listed on this quiz?
Still, want My favorite martian to come back on and maybe Get smart, and maybe some others. More cartoons too on Saturday as they used to have.
Vintagewatcher csaaphill 55 months ago
My favorite martian! YEah!
Utzaake 55 months ago
11/12. #8.
12. "AhHeTooSaxyMuchTooSaxyWayTooSaxy..."
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