Do you remember these warm weather bops from '73?

Do you remember all this timeless, memorable music?

Chances are, if you hit the beach in 1973 with your swimsuit and radio, you might've heard some of these tunes. Even if you stayed home to chillax under some front porch rays, you've definitely heard at least a few.

These are the Billboard Hot 100 #1 hits that defined the summer of '73. It was a great time for music and a great time for making memories. So take a walk with us down this sandy memory lane. When you look back and there are no footprints left behind, that's when the music carried you.

  1. Edgar Winter Group held the top of the chart for one week in May of '73 with this instrumental monster rocker.
  2. Paul McCartney wrote a piano ballad for wife Linda that was a #1 hit for Wings and started "And when I go away, I know my heart can stay with..."
  3. Speaking of former Beatles, which one knocked Paul out of the top spot with his own "Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)?"
  4. Which Beatles collaborator had a #1 hit with "Will it Go Round in Circles?"
  5. What was the name of Jim Croce's only #1 hit before he died in September of '73?
  6. The love theme from Poseidon Adventure, called "The Morning After," was a number one hit for which singer?
  7. Who sang "Touch Me in the Morning?"
  8. Stories scored a #1 hit by covering this song, originally by Hot Chocolate
  9. September of '73 saw Marvin Gaye's most successful Motown hit. What was it called?
  10. Bette Middler sang "Delta Dawn" in 1971. Who re-recorded it and scored a #1 with it in '73?

Do you remember these warm weather bops from '73?

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Mob39 2 months ago
10/10 loved my old am radio. It was in the shape of an alligator. The eyes were the dial & volume. Wish I still had it.
CouchPotato987 2 months ago
Sorry, I don’t know any Helen Reddy songs…lol
I was born in after the invention of fire 🔥.
thetanvanman 2 months ago
Other great songs from that summer: Kodachrome, Paul Simon; Hocus Pocus, Focus; Diamond Girl, Seals/Crofts; Shambala, Three Dog Night; Smoke on the Water, Deep Purple; Live and Let Die, Wings; Stuck in the Middle With You, Steeler's Wheel; We're an American Band, Grand Funk; My Maria, B.W. Stevenson. Cars......not so great: EGR valves, huge bumpers, lower horsepower...yuk!
Moverfan thetanvanman 1 month ago
We have a furniture store here in southeastern Michigan (maybe some of you are familiar with Gardner-White--I don't know how big of a chain it is). Whenever they have a big sale going on, the background music to their TV ads is the chorus of We're An American, I don't know why...
Rayof808 2 months ago
10/10 ... I regularly read the Presley Love rock titles quiz books, and even though my era is the '60s, it never hurts to remember later years as well...
Supercat58 2 months ago
Only missed the Jim Croce question. They were all big hits but I liked Operator best, which wasn’t a choice
Moverfan Supercat58 1 month ago
Have you heard New York's Not My Home or A Long Time Ago (both off You Don't Mess Around With Jim, as is Operator--which is marvelous)?
Jasmine23 2 months ago
Nailed it! Some of the best songs were out in 1973!
STTOS 2 months ago
I got 8 out of 10 - Hey well done! You've got one heck of a good memory! Missed #5 and #9. I know all the songs and just guessed wrong. Oh well....
JL10 2 months ago
Got 9 outta 10, Marvin Gaye got me
Supercat58 JL10 2 months ago
He was great. I loved Heard it Through the Grapevine and I Want You, among others
Rayof808 2 months ago
Missed on Top Songs...the best ones were never the best sellers...Time to go back to my Presley Love Rock Trivia book ! Need to refresh my memory!
Pastorgman 2 months ago
10/10 - My Junior Year! Time’s Fun When You’re Having Flies!
Mychal56 2 months ago
9 out of 10..Not too bad! 🙂
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