Do you remember how Lisa and Oliver Wendell Douglas met?

No one can narrate a royal love story like Lisa Douglas.

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Have you ever wondered how Lisa and Oliver Wendell Douglas on Green Acres met? We'll probably never know the real love story, but who needs it when there is a royal version?

When Lori gets sick and needs a bedtime story, Lisa uses this as a chance to tell her about the time she and her husband first met. Oliver does not remember the events described because he knows his wife likes to exaggerate.

Do you remember the royal version of how the two met in the episode "Royal Love Story?"

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  1. Lisa's father was the king of what country?
  2. What happened to Princess Lisa and her father?
  3. Where did they go?
  4. What type of place did they live in?
  5. Where does Lisa meet Oliver?
  6. What did Lisa try to charge him for?
  7. What did Lisa think Oliver was?
  8. After becoming Oliver's tour guide and sharing a romantic kiss, what did Lisa tell her father?
  9. What did Lisa's father want Oliver to do?
  10. Why doesn't Lisa's father want her to marry Oliver?
  11. After Lisa finds Oliver, where does she suggest they get married?

Do you remember how Lisa and Oliver Wendell Douglas met?

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