Do you remember how Lisa and Oliver Wendell Douglas met?

No one can narrate a royal love story like Lisa Douglas.

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Have you ever wondered how Lisa and Oliver Wendell Douglas on Green Acres met? We'll probably never know the real love story, but who needs it when there is a royal version?

When Lori gets sick and needs a bedtime story, Lisa uses this as a chance to tell her about the time she and her husband first met. Oliver does not remember the events described because he knows his wife likes to exaggerate.

Do you remember the royal version of how the two met in the episode "Royal Love Story?"

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  1. Lisa's father was the king of what country?
  2. What happened to Princess Lisa and her father?
  3. Where did they go?
  4. What type of place did they live in?
  5. Where does Lisa meet Oliver?
  6. What did Lisa try to charge him for?
  7. What did Lisa think Oliver was?
  8. After becoming Oliver's tour guide and sharing a romantic kiss, what did Lisa tell her father?
  9. What did Lisa's father want Oliver to do?
  10. Why doesn't Lisa's father want her to marry Oliver?
  11. After Lisa finds Oliver, where does she suggest they get married?

Do you remember how Lisa and Oliver Wendell Douglas met?

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JeffPaul76 8 months ago
"Here's the moment of truth. ---You got 6 out of 11" "This score confused Lisa and Oliver more than Lisa's love story. Try again!"
Moverfan 12 months ago
8/11. Do I remember how they met? There were three or four different episodes on this topic alone--THEY don't remember how they met!
CynFinnegan 12 months ago
Unlike her character Lisa, Eva Gabor was reported to be an excellent cook, according to her last husband, Merv Griffin.
LoveMETV22 12 months ago

groovybug 12 months ago
Well, that's one version of the story anyway! There were several episodes that all told it differently.

Also, Paris is in France! I shouldn't have gotten that one wrong.
JHP 12 months ago
8/11 kind of a crappy quiz

#3 - what the Fook? Italy, France & Paris? Isn't Paris in France - gees
Now I really thought she found him hanging from a tree in a parachute in some woods. oh well
Coldnorth JHP 12 months ago
I thought the same about hanging in a tree in a parachute
JHP Coldnorth 12 months ago
thought so - I mean she was there and had to distract the soldier ....and then Oliver hid in the attic and he was NO where Japanese
harlow1313 13 months ago
4/11 That perfect zero still alludes me.

There is still hope. I have never watched an episode of "The A Team." I proudly know nothing about this program. A zero awaits me.
LoveMETV22 harlow1313 13 months ago
They haven't done any quizzes on "The A-Team" in a while. Maybe your hope will come true. 🤞🤞
LoveMETV22 harlow1313 13 months ago
Go for the least likely answer though. You don't want an unlucky guess spoiling your perfect zero.
harlow1313 LoveMETV22 13 months ago
Never. When I score the perfect zero, I must genuinely be trying to answer correctly. When it happens, it will be an earned zero.

In simple words, I want my best effort to result in a zero.
LoveMETV22 harlow1313 13 months ago
Your honesty and genuineness are admirable. There are several quizzes from bygone days about
" The A-Team". Or are you waiting for something "new and fresh?"
harlow1313 LoveMETV22 13 months ago
My inner-Zen master instructs me to live in the now.
harlow1313 harlow1313 12 months ago
Bit of a hiccup on my part. "alludes" should be "eludes." I remain imperfect, but nearly perfect.
Coldnorth 13 months ago
I had a bad score. Don’t remember any of that episode
eyegor 13 months ago
10/11. Every one but the last.
Andybandit 13 months ago
I got 7/11. I got #2, 4, 10, and 11 wrong. Lisa and Oliver were a cute couple on GA.
Wendy57 13 months ago
Oodles of guesses darling. 💍💋🍾🥂
CaptainDunsel 13 months ago
My Green Acres have turned brown...
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