Do you actually know all the words to Gloria Gaynor's ''I Will Survive''?

Celebrate 40 years of the best break-up song.

It was October 1978 when Gloria Gaynor unleashed her answer to heartache in the disco hit "I Will Survive." By March the following year, the song had hit No. 1, sticking for two weeks, then returning two weeks later.

Did you ever find yourself holding your head a little higher, empowered by Gaynor's soaring chorus? You may have been at the time, but we assure you, you were not alone.

Think you can remember all the words to one of the greatest dance songs of all time? See if you can complete all the lyrics and survive this quiz. Good luck!
  1. At first I was afraid, I was [???]
  2. Kept thinkin’ I could never [???] without you by my side.
  3. But then I spend so many nights / Thinkin’ how you did me [???]
  4. And I grew [???], and I learned how to get along
  5. And so you’re back from [???]
  6. I just [???] in to find you here with that sad look upon your face.
  7. I should have changed that [???] lock
  8. I should have made you leave [???]
  9. If I’d have known for just one second / You’d be back to [???] me
  10. Go now, [???], walk out the door
  11. Just turn around now, ‘cause you’re not [???] anymore
  12. Weren’t you the one who tried to [???] me with goodbye?
  13. Did you think I’d [???]? Did you think I’d lay down and die?
  14. Oh no, [???], I will survive
  15. Oh as long as I know how to [???], I know I’ll stay alive
  16. I’ve got all my life to live, and I’ve got all my [???] to give
  17. And I’ll survive, I will survive, [???]
  18. It took all the [???] I had, not to fall apart
  19. Just tryin’ hard to [???] the pieces of my broken heart
  20. And I spent oh so many nights just feeling sorry for [???] / I used to cry, but now I hold my head up high
  21. And you see me, [???]
  22. I’m not that [???] little person still in love with you
  23. And so you felt like [???] in and expect me to be free / Well now I’m saving all my lovin’ for someone who’s lovin’ me.

Do you actually know all the words to Gloria Gaynor's ''I Will Survive''?

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Blue2901 9 months ago
You got 23 out of 23
Did you make it through the quiz, ready to love again? Well, then it's a good time to revisit Gaynor's biggest hit:
Graduated High School in 1978, was 18 when this song came out and frequenting discos!
(legal drinking age was 18, back then)
I know this song like the back of my hand! New age spot and all!
SheriHeffner 14 months ago
18 out of 23. I don't know if thatvwas good.
idkwut2use 58 months ago
I could sing that song in my sleep. ;D
Ofc the trickiest one is "break/hurt" because first it's hurt, then later break (building up to a stronger word.)
RobChapman 58 months ago
19/23 I got some of those correct thanks to Men in Black
TXGeek 63 months ago

*stupid "hurt me with goodbye"*
Geronimo 63 months ago
Not bad at all trying to remember all the lines................19/23
TomTerrrific 63 months ago
22/23, I was sure it was "break me with good-bye".
LeslieWolfe TomTerrrific 63 months ago
I got that one wrong too. In one verse it's definitely break and in another it's hurt. That's a trick question!
anthony 63 months ago
17/23.I should have changed that stupid lock.I should have thrown away the key.Then I would have ended up with better then 17 out of 23!😋
Amalthea anthony 58 months ago
You may not have gotten 100% on this quiz...but you definitely won with this comment!
cperrynaples 63 months ago
21/23! Missed a few minor lyrics, but pretty good! Even if you never heard the song, the fact that the lines have to rhyme will get you some of the answers! I'm old enough to remember when it played every 20 minutes, so this was easy! 12 and 22 were my misses!
Barry22 63 months ago
18/23, did not survive.
Geronimo Barry22 63 months ago
78% score. Grade: C+
You survived!
AndrewHass 63 months ago
I was 15/23.
Geronimo AndrewHass 63 months ago
Ohhhhh, you just passed @ 65%
Grade: D
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