Can you match these candies to classic TV shows that debuted the same year?

Try to remember which year you got these sensations.

Some of the sweetest treats in snacking history were introduced the same year we met classic TV characters.

Here, we've pulled out some of the most memorable candies that debuted from the 1950s through the 1990s. It's up to you to figure out which TV show debuted the exact same year as all these sweets. 

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  1. Reese's Pieces actually debuted a few years before E.T. made them popular. Pick the show you think debuted the same year:
  2. Peanut M&Ms went nuts and changed the M&M game the same year which iconic family show debuted?
  3. Kids first donned Candy Necklaces the same year this eerie drama premiered:
     Image: Pinterest
  4. The fruit chew that has outlasted them all, Starburst debuted the same year as which cherished family show?
  5. Pop Rocks were actually patented more than a decade before the public first tasted them, which happened when they launched the same year we met which spunky family?
  6. In the United States, we first crunched into Twix the same year this influential sci-fi drama debuted:
  7. The first time Lemonheads made kids pucker up came the same year this sitcom struck it rich:
  8. Kids were suckers for Charms Blow Pops, which were like two candies in one when they came out the same year we met the star of this crime drama:
  9. Pixy Stix later became Fun Dip, but the candy straws came first, the same year we stepped foot on the ranch on which TV Western?
  10. It was called the $100,000 Bar when it debuted, but now we know it as 100 Grand. Which sitcom that inspired mania debuted the same year?
  11. SweeTarts were invented as a less messy alternative to Pixy Stix in the same year as this show, which famously had one of the most-watched finales in TV history:
     Image: Pinterest
  12. York Peppermint patties were sold regionally for decades, but they didn't launch nationally until the same year this superhero soared onto TV:

Can you match these candies to classic TV shows that debuted the same year?

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Lacey 59 months ago
I would have thought that York came out much earlier.
JeffTanner 60 months ago
I got 10 out of 12 ----------- Got 3 & 11 wrong.
SheriHeffner 61 months ago
8 out of 12. Peppermint Patties must have been here in North Carolina regionally because my grandpa Heffner used to buy them by the box full and give my sister and I two or three whenever he ate hem, they were the small ones then.
anthony 61 months ago
9/12.Wow!York peppermint patties were only available regionally untill 1975?😱I think this was the most surprising to me.Also Blow Pops 1973?Tought for sure it was earlier then that.Guess it was Tootsie Pops.The third one I got wrong Starbursts,I was very surprised they have been around since 1960.
Barry22 61 months ago
7/12, do not know my candy.
bpacha77511 61 months ago
not a fan of candy at all. (except reeses pieces..skittles..PAL original gum..and dum dum suckers) I made above 50 though @ 8/22.....roughly 66%
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