Can you complete the top three credits of classic TV's biggest stars?

Role call! Prove you're one of television's most attentive stargazers.

The biggest TV stars didn't just appear on television, but often seriously impressed on the big screen, too, just as responsible for hit movies they propelled in starring and supporting roles as the TV series we all watched and loved week to week.

Think you can name the top three credits of TV history's most well-known stars?

Take this quiz where we give you two credits and ask you to pick out the third. Only the most attentive TV stargazers can score 8/10. Good luck!
  1. Carol Burnett is famous for The Carol Burnett Show and playing a character on its hit spin-off Mama's Family, but in which 1980s family movie did she play a memorable character?
  2. Ron Howard started as a child star on The Andy Griffith Show, and we all grew up with him on Happy Days, but which 1970s movie also featured the eventual Academy Award-winning director?
  3. Andy Griffith launched The Andy Griffith Show after impressing in No Time for Sergeants, but later he played a lawyer in which hit series?
  4. Betty White's first sitcom was called Life With Elizabeth and her best-known sitcom is likely The Golden Girls, but what other sitcom in the 1970s do you know her from?
  5. Carroll O'Connor's starring role on All in the Family spun off into Archie Bunker's Place, but which 1980s TV drama did he notably star in?
  6. Dick Van Dyke made a name for himself on The Dick Van Dyke Show, then delighted everyone in Mary Poppins, but he also starred in which 1980s crime drama?
  7. June Lockhart memorably played the mom on Lassie and Lost in Space, but she also played a doctor on which 1960s sitcom?
  8. Raymond Burr was riveting on television in both Perry Mason and Ironside, but which Hitchcock movie memorably made him a villain?
  9. Peter Falk scored his first Oscar nom for Murder, Inc., and everybody knows he played Columbo, but which 1980s family movie did he narrate as the Grandfather?
  10. William Shatner played Captain Kirk on Star Trek and starred in T.J. Hooker, but can you pick out the 2000s legal drama he also starred in?

Can you complete the top three credits of classic TV's biggest stars?

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ndebrabant 16 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
You're the star of this quiz, so Carol Burnett toasts to you!
Joe 23 months ago
YABBA-DABBA-DOO! I got 10 out of 10 on 10/10/2019!
Runeshaper 25 months ago
You got 8 out of 10
You're the star of this quiz, so Carol Burnett toasts to you!
djw1120 28 months ago
9 out of 10
The only one I missed was the first one - Carol Burnett.
DiscoDave 28 months ago
10 /10. Guessed #9 (The Princess Bride)
Runeshaper DiscoDave 25 months ago
The Princess Bride is a GREAT movie!
MrBill 28 months ago
9/10; missed Peter Falk - I have never seen Princess Bride.
Joseph 28 months ago
10/10. What happened to the clever remarks that usually accompany the completion of a quiz?
daDoctah 28 months ago
Betty White wasn't in the Bob Newhart Show, but she did become a regular on Newhart's later series "Bob", in which he played the creator of a comic-book superhero brought out of mothballs and re-imagined by a younger team of artists and writers. In its second season, the rebooted comic is canceled and Bob gets a job writing greeting cards, with White as his boss.
Tresix 28 months ago
10/10. If they really wanted to challenge Shatner fans, they should have mentioned the Seventies series that he was on instead of "Boston Legal". Anyone remember that short-lived Seventies show?
Joseph Tresix 28 months ago
Yep. The Barbary Coast, also starring Doug McClure.
Tresix Joseph 28 months ago
CORRECT. Although, I'll admit, I forgot who the other man was. Who was the woman?
Scott 28 months ago
Diagnosis Murder was a 90s show, not the 80s.
TomTerrrific 28 months ago
9/10, I understandably missed Betty White, since I can't stand the sight of her. Sorry. Wasn't she also in one of those giant crocodile movies? Lake Placid or something?
daddio TomTerrrific 28 months ago
YEP! Good memory. I LOVE that movie... just cuz it's so stupid and campy!
Stephen 29 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
You're the star of this quiz, so Carol Burnett toasts to you!
Allison 29 months ago
9/10 peter falk question got me
TomTerrrific Allison 28 months ago
Oh yeah! In The Princess Bride he played the grandfather who was reading the story to his sick grandson, Fred Savage. "As you wish."
Geronimo Allison 28 months ago
Yep, that was the one I missed too
ETristanBooth Allison 28 months ago
Me too. I made a lucky guess on that one (never cared for Peter Falk). However, Murder, Inc. is significant to me because Henry Morgan is in it.
AndrewHass 29 months ago
I was 10/10 but IMO that was an easy quiz.
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