Do these famous TV Steves spell their name Stephen or Steven?

Can you earn your "Ph.V." in random TV trivia?

We can admit it. It makes us pause every time. Whenever we type out the name of an actor named Steven, we consider… wait, does he spell it "Stephen"? From Colbert to Hawking to King to Spielberg, it can get a little confusing.

So, below you will find some famous "Steves" with ties to TV. See how well you remember your telephision triphia. Try to get eight or more correct.
  1. He directed the first episode of 'Columbo' and the classic made-for-TV movie 'Duel.' How does Mr. Spielberg spell his name?
     Image: AP Photo / Tim Rasmussen
  2. Aerosmith's lead singer became a popular judge on 'American Idol.' How does Mr. Tyler spell his name?
     Image: AP Photo / Michael Caulfield
  3. Many of his novels have been adapted into memorable miniseries. How does Mr. King spell his name?
     Image: AP Photo
  4. Steve McQueen was born Terence _______ McQueen?
  5. He legendary band Buffalo Springfield appeared on 'Mannix,' and he's one third of Crosby, Stills & Nash. How does Mr. Stills spell his name?
     Image: Atlantic Records
  6. Fred MacMurray played the head of the family on 'My Three Sons.' What was his character's name?
  7. Now for some last names. How did Darrin spell his surname on 'Bewitched'?
     Image: Sony Pictures Television
  8. He left 'M*A*S*H' in dramatic fashion after a few seasons. His name?
  9. He played one half of the Hardy Boys alongside Shaun Cassidy.
     Image: The Everett Collection
  10. Finally, he was a host on the pioneering reality series 'Real People' from 1979–84.
     Image: The Everett Collection

Do these famous TV Steves spell their name Stephen or Steven?

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Vinnie Bartilucci I worked in a bookstore, and I can't tell you how many people came asking for books by "Steffen King"

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