Can you name the bands in these classic 1970s music videos?

Take a chance on these.

Yes, there were music videos before MTV. The cable channel certainly popularized the visual medium of pop music when it made its debut in 1981, but there had been promotional clips for more than a decade.

The 1970s delivered some memorable music videos. After all, there had to be a reason to start MTV. You could catch these clips on late-night television, perhaps, or the Video Concert Hall channel, a forgotten precursor to MTV.

Below, you will find some shots from classic clips that continue to garner millions of views on YouTube. See if you can name the performers in all 13. Good luck!
  1. These not-so-squeaky-clean rockers dressed as sailors in a flood of soap bubbles for this 1974 clip.
  2. Recognize this co-ed quartet?
  3. This iconic ice-blue suit can now be seen in museums. Who wore it?
  4. How about this glittering getup?
  5. A kaleidoscope could make your band seem so much bigger. Just like the multitracked vocals in this classic clip.
  6. These were the heights of special effects in 1977.
  7. The biggest special effect in this punk clip was the spit on the lens.
  8. Eat your heart out, a-ha. This video had cool animation in 1979, six years before "Take on Me."
  9. This former Beatle had a playful courtroom setting for his "This Song" clip.
  10. This 1973 video matched images to the lyrics. The answer is right there on the record label.
  11. This group played its first global hit on a barge in the Thames River in 1979.
  12. Despite the costumes, they were no altar boys.
  13. Finally, this band spun a disco ball in this video, for one of the biggest songs of 1979.

Can you name the bands in these classic 1970s music videos?

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