Could you help Wally and Beaver solve their problems?

We made up a Leave It to Beaver adventure- see if your choices would help out the Cleaver boys or get them in hot water!

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Eddie joined a club called "The Greasers," where they run around town being chaotic, looking cool and wearing fashionable leather jackets. He wants Wally to join and pressures him into signing up. However, to be a member, Wally must sneak out after 8 p.m. and take the train to the next town to get the boys some exclusive items from a comic book store.

Wally gives in, and Beaver goes with him, but a lot happens on their journey. Can you help the boys return home? Take this quiz to see if you'll help or get them in trouble.

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  1. Eddie is trying to get Wally to sneak out after 10 p.m. to make things more exciting. What should the boys do?
  2. After emptying their piggy bank, the boys have $15.35. Should they take all of the money with them or a small portion?
  3. The boys managed to get out of the house without getting caught. Eddie meets them outside and tells them what to buy. According to him, the guys want the most expensive comic books. What should the boys do?
  4. Once they arrive at the train station, Beaver gets nervous and thinks they should turn around and go back home. What should Wally do?
  5. They're on the train, and the conductor says, "It's late. Where are your parents?" What should they say?
  6. The boys made it to the store, but the last train home arrives in 10 minutes. What should they do?
  7. As the boys return to the station, they notice a car that looks like the one their parents have. So, they hide in bushes. What should they do with less than 4 minutes left until their train arrives?
  8. They finally made it to the station, but the train left. A bus came, and they decided to get on it, but it didn't travel close to their home. What should they do?

Could you help Wally and Beaver solve their problems?

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Randall 8 months ago
I grew up in a small town in southern NH and there was no place to sneak out to, The only other kid My age was a girl and I was left home alone for the most part ! This was a fantasy of mine that there was a place to sneak out to!
SheriHeffner 10 months ago
It said I helped. Ward wasn't as strict as my father was. I was so afraid of him there would be no way whatsoever I would sneak off to do anything. I'd have had a belt whipping.
Deleted 10 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Hollie 9 months ago
Google it or look it up on wikipedia
JohnAustin79 11 months ago
I helped out Wally and Beaver. It said that I got them home and their parents talked to them about the dangers of sneaking out. I snuck out once as a kid and my Mom tore into me because she was so scared that she couldn't find me. So I never snuck out again after that.

She always told me that, if I want to go somewhere, just let her know where and she'll let me go and I did and it was always okay with her wherever I wanted to go. As I got into my teen years, I would even call from a pay phone just to let her know that I had arrived at my destination. It's all about respect and I respected my Mom very much, especially since she was single and trying to raise me all on her own.
ClingPeaches 11 months ago
I got them 100% in trouble. That Eddie Haskell was too much of an influencer on me lol
cperrynaples 11 months ago
Let's get one thing straight: Most of this "new" story came from "Train Trip"! Also, Fredflix has a YouTube video comic book which is clearly "Beaver Runs Away"! One more thing: Tomorrow's guest star day includes "Long Distance Call"! What other MeTV show has an episode with that title?
LoveMETV22 cperrynaples 11 months ago
Yes, "The Train Trip" was a good portion of it, however in fairness to all the modes of transportation Wally and Beaver utilized in the "new" story, "The Bus Ride" S2 E 24, was also utilized for their return trip home. LOL!

"The Long Distance Call" was also also an episode on "The Twilight Zone."
RedSamRackham 11 months ago
* In that Monster sweat shirt episode Beaver should've just turned it inside out!
JayBurd 12 months ago
Here it is: You helped!
Because of you, the boys got back home safely. Ward and June talked to them about the dangers of sneaking out, and the boys promised to never do it again.
Coldnorth JayBurd 12 months ago
I got the same. Don’t you feel helpful? I do
dodgebob 12 months ago
I hept em aw da way to da front door, just me wally an da beav.
JHP 12 months ago
I think almost all posters would take any problem that the Beav or Wally had over ours presently.
Scangus JHP 12 months ago
Well gee Beave, wud ja go en say somethin like that? Yah know dad will clobber you and all.
JHP Scangus 12 months ago
cant stop laughing:)
LoveMETV22 JHP 12 months ago
Give that boy a hunk of milk or somethin.
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