How well do you know the character June Cleaver?

The classic television mom's life revolved around her family, but how well do you know her?

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The Cleaver household would not be the same without June. She was the mom that provided a softer side that went well when making decisions with her husband, Ward. June was dedicated to her family, ensuring her significant other and children were loved. Her children, Wally and Beaver, were very curious and often found themselves in trouble, but Mrs. Cleaver was always there for them.

The character on Leave It to Beaver was played by Barbara Billingsley. We know all about the Cleaver boys, but how well do you know the fictional character June? Good luck.

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  1. What is June's full name?
  2. What is the name of her father?
  3. What's her birthplace?
  4. What type of school did June attend?
  5. She was the captain of which team?
  6. What is her sister's name?
  7. What type of club was June a member of?
  8. Which kind of necklace did she wear the most?
  9. What is her aunt's name?

How well do you know the character June Cleaver?

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LalaLucy 11 months ago
9/9. Though the facts are not straight on number one as others have noted. I just went with that answer on instinct of what Me-TV writers were angling at.
STTOS 11 months ago
You got 7 out of 9 - You made June smile with this score. Good job! MIssed #2 and #7. Father's first name was Theodore? I don't recall that episode. A little help anyone?
francolaguna1 12 months ago
I always suspected that June came from a more "privilegeed" background, not like the one she lived as a Cleaver. Well this sometimes happens when you marry for love. 😉
Adanor francolaguna1 9 months ago
Why else would she cook and clean in heels and pearls? So why are pearls so popular? The "Jersey Lily" an early English model had to go to a party and all of her good jewelry was under repair and the only jewelry she had available was an old string of pearls. She was the fashion icon of those times and since she wore them, a string of pearls automatically became the "in thing."
Machine 12 months ago
Leave it to beaver is a great show!!
LJSena22 12 months ago
I believe June referred that Beaver was named after “his uncle” Theodore. Aunt Martha’s brother. Why would she not state her “Father”. Beaver’s Grandfather?
retro6 12 months ago
7/9. Didn’t know club she was a member of and fathers name. I knew he was named after someone ain’t Martha’s brother? So I guess her father. :-/
DianeC 12 months ago
MeTv staff, question regarding June's father name is incorrect. Theodore was Aunt Martha's brother who sent Beaver a ring. He was referred to as Uncle Theodore, not grandfather.
Bapa1 12 months ago
9/9, she had a sister?
retro6 Bapa1 12 months ago
News to me too!
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