Match these schools to the correct sitcom!

The good news is you only had to study TV to ace this.

The bell has rung! Pop quiz! Fortunately, the "pop" here is "pop culture."

That's right, you don't need math skills to pass this head-scratcher. We grabbed 13 schools from across sitcom history. Whether we're in the classroom, in the hallways, outside, or in the gym… see if you can recognize these institutions of learning!

Look closely at the images for characters and clues!

  1. Characters went to Mayfield High School on which show?
  2. Do you remember which character went back to school and had this teacher?
  3. Recognize these lockers?
  4. Which kids went to school here?
  5. He was trying to amuse his kid's classmates.
  6. Buchanan High could be seen every episode in the credits.
    Image: Warner Bros.
  7. Recognize anyone in this classroom?
  8. Recognize anyone in this classroom?
    Image: Screen Gems
  9. Where would you find this high school?
  10. These snobs were waiting on their new classmate.
  11. Jefferson High could be found on which sitcom?
  12. We grow out of our high school phase.
    Image: Warner Bros.
  13. It's never too late to get your degree.
    Image: Warner Bros.

Match these schools to the correct sitcom!

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blessedx10 3 days ago
the picture used for welcome back kotter is actually the hs i went to in brooklyn, new york, lafayette hs
FatOlBroad 7 days ago
You got 13 out of 13
You certainly paid attention! To the television screen.
CaroleThorpe 8 days ago
You got 13 out of 13
You certainly paid attention! To the television screen.
MrBill 11 days ago
11/13; missed Friends and Bewitched. I never watch Friends and rarely watch Bewitched.
kevbo 12 days ago
12/12 It looks like the same building was used in The Brady Bunch and Happy Days!
Prime kevbo 9 days ago
Agreed, I noticed that as well. I hope MeTV will tell is that story. :)
JDnHuntsvilleAL 12 days ago
HEY, 13 out of 13. BUT I disagree with #9. I wasn't a big fan of "Green Acres", but did they EVER show Hooterville High in that series? I say that's a picture from "Petticoat Junction", where the girls went to school and the school WAS shown several times -- like when Bobbie Jo wanted to join the sorority.
They DID show Hooterville High, in a hilarious episode where Lisa decides to get her high-school education. She disrupts a home ec class (with a hilarious story about her 'chicken fat ring' on her the episode for further info), drives a driver's ed teacher nuts and almost causes the school to be burned down (a kid checking out her legs pours the wrong liquid into the wrong container, causing the explosion).
ETristanBooth 13 days ago
12/13. Watched very little of the three shows in #12.
David 13 days ago
You got 13 out of 13
You certainly paid attention! To the television screen.
Lacey 13 days ago
Hey, 13/13. And for the first time in a LONG time.
This is what quarantine has reduced me to. This is my accomplishment today.
dcbowie Lacey 12 days ago
well at least you're keeping the brain active and you're staying safe 😷👍
james 13 days ago
12/13 not to bad . I missed Tabitha . I thought the boy in the pic was from family affair . lol
frenchman71 14 days ago
ACED IT!! 13/13. But at least half of these were guesses.
jimmyvici 14 days ago
11/13...what a blur high school was. 🤔
frenchman71 jimmyvici 14 days ago
But would you go back and live it over?
jimmyvici frenchman71 14 days ago
Yes! But I’d hang out with a better crowd this time around. Things would be different I believe.
I would, for sure 👍😎
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