Celebrity Couples of the '70s Quiz

A look at some of the glitziest duos ever!


Love is in the air— or at least it was in the '70s! None of these new-fangled celebrity couples can hold a torch to the celebs of that bygone era. Sure, love doesn't always last... But at least it was glamorous! 

So let's see how well you know your stuff. We want to look back at the 1970s, and that decade's most well-known, high-profile couples. Give it a shot, try your best, and share your score in the comments section below!

  1. Which actress was famously married to Steve McQueen during the 70s?
  2. Which actress divorced husband Roger Vadim— who directed her in "Barbarella"— in 1973?
  3. Which member of The Beatles was married to Linda Eastman?
  4. Who was Elizabeth Taylor married to from 1976 to 1982?
  5. Which comedian was married to actress/comedian Anne Meara?
  6. Which "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" actor was in a high-profile relationship with Anjelica Huston in the 70s?
  7. Which "Charlie's Angels" star was married to actor Lee Majors during the 70s?
  8. Which musical icon was married to actress Angie Dickinson in the 70s?
  9. American singer Marsha Hunt had a high-profile relationship with which singer, resulting in daughter Karis?
  10. Which "Love Story" actor was married to actress Leigh Taylor-Young in the early 70s?

Celebrity Couples of the '70s Quiz

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tbrian 23 days ago
You got 7 out of 10. Guessed on half of these.
Guinness 29 days ago
5/10 a better record than most of these marriages
trogg888 30 days ago
Number4 was unfair I remember John Warner but Burton and Fisher were the standouts.wait I thought Fisher was married to Debbie reynolds.guess he got around.
JHP trogg888 29 days ago
he was a great fisher-man
frenchman71 30 days ago
9/10. Never knew who Marsha Hunt was. If anything, I thought she was an actress, not a singer. And who can keep track of what Mick Jagger does.
KawiVulc 1 month ago
8/10 & there wasn't even social media back then...
WGH 1 month ago

Got most of these correct because I knew which ones weren't in a relationship with that person
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