A Celebrity Feuds Quiz!

Who despised who?


Ah celebrities, they're just like us... Buying groceries. Driving their kids to school. Holding decades-long grudges for petty reasons. Just like us!

We're not here to judge. We're here to quiz! So, see if you can recall these high-profile feuds, and who engaged in them!

Pick the right answers and share your score and your favorite feud in the comments section below.

  1. Few celebrity feuds have reached the fame of Joan Crawford vs...
  2. For over a decade, Elton John very publicly feuded with which pop singer?
  3. While this actor thought the whole song "You're So Vain" was about him, Carly Simon clarified she only wrote the second verse about him.
  4. A war of words erupted when Aretha Franklin witnessed this Queen of Rock n Roll introduced without the "Rock n Roll" part at the 2008 Grammys.
  5. Debbie Reynolds met this actress when they were both teenagers, but a love triangle took them from best friends to sworn enemies.
  6. Joan Rivers wrote for this man's show for years, but he hung up on her when she called to celebrate her own talk show.
  7. Here's a family feud (but not the Steve Harvey kind)... Olivia de Havilland vs. ____________
  8. Orson Welles had a well-documented feud with this media magnate.
  9. Betty White's Best Actress Emmy win in 1986 reportedly rubbed this Golden Girls co-star the wrong way. Thank you for being a... Nemesis?!?!
  10. Marlon Brando kickstarted a feud when he won the lead role in "On the Waterfront" over this actor...

A Celebrity Feuds Quiz!

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STTOS 21 days ago
You got 8 out of 10 - We wouldn't want to mess with you! Well done. Missed #5 and #7. Guessed right on some but wrong on these two. I'll take it.
GTStang08 25 days ago
Meh!...6/10, I was too young to remember most of these feuds. The Davis & Crawford feud was well before my time, but it was so notable, you don't forget hearing about it.
From the look upon their faces, could you tell who started it? I have ah hunch!

cperrynaples GTStang08 24 days ago
You really MUST see Feud on Hulu! Jessica Lange is Crawford & Susan Sarandon is Davis!
cperrynaples 26 days ago
10/10 and comments! [1]This inspired a miniseries! [3]Bonus Question: Who actually wrote a song about Dave Coulier? [5] The guy was Eddie Fisher AKA Princess Leia's REAL father! [8]Obviously, Citizen Kane was about Hearst! [10] NO YOU IDIOTS the fight was over the casting in Guys And Dolls! Believe it or not. Brando sang Luck Be A Lady BEFORE Sinatra recorded it!
RE Brando and Sinatra, I believe it was both. And they acted like misbehaving children towards each other.
BorisK 29 days ago
10/10 ... wow, guess I got the feuds by osmosis.
CrumblyCrunchies 30 days ago
Elton and Madonna, huh? Did not know that. But...who cares?
trogg888 1 month ago
Fro. What I remember Joan badmouthed carsoñ for not getting the to tonight show gig when he retired when in fact it was not his decision.i barely watched it when leno took over and I defenatly wouldn't have watched it if they had given it to that loud mouth obnoxious you know what.
MikefromJersey trogg888 1 month ago
Jay Leno milked OJ murdering two innocent people, sawing their heads almost completely
off - imagine the horror of that slaughterhouse - for countless months even years of yucks.
I refused to watch him after that, Carson as well didn't like him.
How Leno has escaped the notice and retribution of the People Demanding Apologies
For Everything is amazing. If he was any kind of a man he would have apologized to
the families of the slain years ago.
Sorry to get so serious here folks, but this bum Leno really annoys me.
I understand. I always thought Leno was a cynical smart-ass, savagely ridiculing anyone and anything he didn't like or understand. Besides, his tenure as the Tonight Show host was one long string of put-downs and snarky competitions with some of his guests. If they told a joke that got laughs, Leno had to tell one to top that. He always had to be the top dog - everyone else got second place on his show.
sagafrat69 trogg888 1 month ago
Rivers didn't badmouth Carson. Carson was pissed when he found out about her deal with Fox. She never talked to him before the deal was announced and he felt that was disrespectful considering what he did to boost her career. There was never any talk of her ever getting "The Tonight Show" and she knew that. It wasn't Carson's decision anyway on who followed him. I've always remembered Leno not mentioning or thanking Carson for 30 years on his first night as host.No class. His agent told him not to mention Carson by name but Leno should've known better. Can't believe a little putz like him lasted 22 years as host and 5 as guest host. Leno vs. Dave L. is a real feud. Lot of history there.
Very well put, William, you summed him up perfectly.
Growing up in Jersey, we'd have labeled Jay a punk and he'd be the victim of countless
wedgies and swirlies.
BorisK MikefromJersey 29 days ago
Yet the fact remains: OJ Did It.
MikefromJersey BorisK 29 days ago
I don't get your point.
No one is disputing OJ's guilt, rather we condemn Leno for using those deaths
as material for countless jokes. With no regard for the feelings of the families or good
malibustacy trogg888 25 days ago
Joan didn't badmouth Carson. He felt betrayed by her going into competition with him.
Gossemer 1 month ago
Dang got #10 wrong. Well wasn't a big Brando fan Anyway. Cant believe I got the others correct. Wonders never cease.
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