Can you unscramble theses titles of classic '80s sitcoms?

Match these mixed-up shows to the correct cast!

Rachel Searching and Yale Misfit sound like real sitcoms. In a way, they are. We scrambled up the letters of familiar family sitcoms from the 1980s. The results — well, they kind of, sort of sound like actual TV series.

See if you can unscramble these classic Eighties shows. Match the mixed-up letters to the correct cast photo! Good luck!

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  1. "Laf"
  2. "A Mammy Fails"
  3. "Gothic Runt"
  4. "Praising Wong"
  5. "Flattish Coffee"
  6. "Rotten Fred Fisks"
  7. "Yale Misfit"
  8. "Rachel Searching"
  9. "Be Show Hosts"
  10. "Evil Sponsors"
  11. "Demonising Gwen"
Can you unscramble theses titles of classic '80s sitcoms?

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Geronimo 6 months ago
Process of Elimination.........................11/11
MrBill 6 months ago
11/11; easy one for me. I either knew it or used process of elimination based on the letters given.
cperrynaples 6 months ago
11/11! For most of them, all you had was count the letters, as the wrong answers were either too short or missing key letters!
Another way of figuring out the nawers: is to figure out which letters appeared in which title. For example: to come up with the answer FAMILY TIES, I just had to figure out which show had a "Y" in one of its words.
MrsPhilHarris 6 months ago
9/11 Didn't recognize some of the pictures.
JeffTanner 6 months ago
You got 8 out of 11 ----------------You won with ease! Awesome!
EllisClevenger 6 months ago
You got 11 out of 11
You won with ease! Awesome!
anthony 6 months ago
11/11💃💃💃 oyu nwo twih seea!Weseoma! 👈 or 👉You won with ease!Awesome!😋
Barry22 6 months ago
11/11, just count the letters.
teire Barry22 6 months ago
That works if you recognize every show. Which I did not.
AndrewHass 6 months ago
I was 11/11 but this was a hard quiz IMO.
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