Can you tell the difference between The Dick Van Dyke Show and Adam-12?

These shows don't have anything in common…or do they?

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At first (maybe even second and third) glance, the iconic sitcom The Dick Van Dyke Show and the dramatic police procedural Adam-12 don't seem to have much in common. Telling them apart should be easy!

But look closer and a few similarities emerge. They both started in the 1960s, some actors appeared on both shows, and they're both about co-workers trying to do their jobs even when things take bizarre or unexpected turns. 

How well do you now both shows? Take this quiz and see how you do!

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  1. Which show was filmed in Los Angeles, California but did not take place there?
  2. Which show initially aired on Saturdays?
  3. Which show had an episode titled “Hustling the Hustler”?
  4. Whose professional acting career started earlier, Martin Milner or Dick Van Dyke?
  5. Which show won more Primetime Emmy Awards?
  6. Which show had more episodes?
  7. Morey Amsterdam portrayed a character named “Jerry Mermaid” on which program?
  8. Which show only had two actors who appeared in every single episode?
  9. Both shows were created by writers who were also actors. Which creator acted more often on their own show?
  10. True or false: Mary Tyler Moore never appeared on Adam-12.
  11. Rose Marie was afraid of a rattlesnake in her suitcase in an episode of which show?
  12. After a burglar is caught on this show, the victim jokes, “It’s a Mark VII,” referring to Jack Webb’s production company. Which show was it?

Can you tell the difference between The Dick Van Dyke Show and Adam-12?

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Nightshade1972 12 months ago
4/12. I have vague memories of watching Dick Van Dyke reruns as a child, I don't think I've ever watched Adam-12.
ChapSchoon 19 months ago
9/12 Missed the "what show had more episodes" question. Thought the "only two regular actors" was a trick question" and I misunderstood the "Jack Webb" question.
DeborahRoberts 21 months ago
11/12. Misunderstood the Jack Webb question.
Me too. I should’ve read that one more closely
MarkSpeck 22 months ago
11 out of 12. Guess I misunderstood that last question. I thought they were asking which show did Mark VII produce.
EmBee MarkSpeck 22 months ago
I thought that was a hint anyway. And I didn't think that Mark VII went back to the original Dragnet in 1951-I didn't think the shows overlapped-pretty sure the didn't.
JDnHuntsvilleAL MarkSpeck 22 months ago
It's the episode "The Man from my Uncle" where the G-men use the Petrie house to stake out a neighbor.
Bob 22 months ago
12/12. I watched an ungodly amount of tv as a kid.
Evan 24 months ago
10/12. No idea Martin Milner was that old.
MarkSpeck Evan 22 months ago
He was a couple of years younger than Dick Van Dyke, but started his career earlier.
Html_bucket 24 months ago
9 out of 12 yessss. Good job for me. That was hard, but a lot of memories.
EllisClevenger 24 months ago
You got 10 out of 12
Do a happy dance, you did great!
Missed #8 and #10.
Vixensmom 24 months ago
11 out of 12. Either it means I'm very smart, or very old! And don't you people DARE respond!
maryw1212 Vixensmom 24 months ago
HaHaHa!!! Funny!
MarthaWashington 24 months ago
Last night Metv was advertising the Dick Van Dyke show on at 11 pm. I normally don't stay up, but never get to see the show. I get comfortable....NOT....some local bowling show on...went to bed.
Certain markets will do that. There were a couple of times my wife would be on business in San Antonio, and I'd expect to be able to watch Perry Mason at 10:30pm--but they'd do the local SA news instead. At least I could still watch the 8am episode.
dethLSMO89 24 months ago
8 out of 12. Not bad considering I've never watched an episode of either all the way through.
rickhoover1950 24 months ago
12/12 some I had to read a couple of times to remember. I watched both shows growing up. Dick Van Dyke is still my hero.
JanMMitchell 24 months ago
I got 5 out of 12, I should have gotten all of those because I watched a lot of Adam-12 and Dick Van Dyke.
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