Can you tell Irwin Allen's spectacular Sixties sci-fi shows apart?

Which series was it — Land of the Giants, Lost in Space, The Time Tunnel or Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea?

For children of the 1960s, nobody dazzled quite like Irwin Allen. Before Star Wars — and even before Star Trek — this television visionary brought fantastic new worlds to our living rooms. His four sensational TV shows — Land of the Giants, Lost in Space, The Time Tunnel and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea — set the standard for science-fiction. Cool ships! Talking robots! Colorful aliens! Far-flung adventure!

Today, you can see them all as part of MeTV's Super Sci-Fi Saturday Night.

Let's see how well you can tell them apart! Good luck on your mission!

Watch Land of the Giants on MeTV!

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  1. Which show featured a ship called the Jupiter 2?
  2. Which show premiered first, in 1964?
  3. Which show lasted just a single season?
  4. Which show centered around a government effort called Project Tic-Toc?
  5. Which show featured a ship called the Spindrift?
  6. Which show featured the character Captain Lee Crane?
  7. Which show featured the incredible technology of the M3-B9 G.U.N.T.E.R.?
  8. Which show featured one season in black-and-white and three seasons in color?
  9. Which show did NOT feature a theme song composed by John Williams?
  10. Which show featured a giant talking carrot?
  11. Which show had Lee Meriwether in a starring role?
  12. Which show took place in the year 1983?
  13. Which show was set in the year 1968?
  14. Which show took place in the year 1997?
  15. Which show starred a former teen idol who sang the hit songs "Gidget" and "Goodbye Cruel World"?
  16. Which show featured Marta Kristen in the cast?
  17. Which show was based on a hit 1961 movie with the same title?
  18. Which show lasted the longest on the air — for four seasons?
  19. Which show featured a hidden underground base in Arizona?
  20. Which series began with an episode titled "The Crash"?

Can you tell Irwin Allen's spectacular Sixties sci-fi shows apart?

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weirdly 25 days ago
I'd like to see the outeri limits
trogg888 1 month ago
got 14,whats this obsession with dates.who cares
JERRY6 2 months ago
15 0f 20 i get worse every quiz
TexasGreek 2 months ago
You got 14 out of 20
This is what happens when you are rushing to finish a quiz!! :)
StuPullen01 2 months ago
20/20 easy trivia and you can't fool me on any Irwin Allen show!
CaptainDunsel 2 months ago
Can't *believe* I missed #7! That does not compute.
Bob 4 months ago
Question 8 was the answer for Question 18
bewest169 4 months ago
Missed 2 we sure could use talent today like Allen Hollywood lacks imaganation and talent today
TheDavBow3 4 months ago
I remember me and my 3 older next door neighbor brothers playing Land Of The Giants. They always gave me the choice of being Fitzhugh or Barry. Never one of the cool ones! 😥
TheDavBow3 TheDavBow3 4 months ago
Or sometimes they stuck me as one of the girls! 🤣
kevopilis 4 months ago
15 out of 20, Irwin Allen was pretty busy. maybe some people don't like Lost in Space, but years ago in the olden days, I was playing with a neighbor kid, and told him I was going in to watch Lost in Space, he said "that show's stupid" I don't remember his name, and Lost in Space lives on.
dethLSMO89 4 months ago
8 out of 20. Never watched any of these shows. Never even heard of the Time Tunnel until doing these quizzes.
Voyage_Lover_32 4 months ago
20/20 I'm a huge fan of all of them!
frenchman71 4 months ago
I saw all 4 of these shows but alot I don't remember. I was 14/20 on the quiz. Lost in Space became a little silly after awhile with some of those so-called space aliens.
GregLemieux 4 months ago
20/20 Never in doubt. I was a huge fan of all the Irwin Allen shows. Still am.
MarkSpeck 4 months ago
19 out of 20. Don't know the formal name of the robotic technology, and frankly don't care.
Lacey 4 months ago
#9 - You mean "Johnny" Williams. Get your names straight.
19 out of 20. I forgot the year Land of the Giants was supposed to take place in.
HGN2001 4 months ago
20 out of 20. I know my Irwin Allen shows. I own all four.
WF 4 months ago
I never watched "Land of the Giants" but was a big fan of the other 3. However, I only got 18 out of 20. For #12, I know that the 3rd and 4th Seasons of "Voyage" took place in the 1980's (after 1973 for Season 1 and 1978 for Season 2"), and I think "Voyage" may well be a correct answer here. As for #7, I don't remember The Robot ever being called this name. I remember him as an "Environmental Control Robot, Model B-9", and can't remember ever hearing the other parts, especially the "G.U.N.T.E.R." part (I suppose the "B-9" in the question should have been the giveaway).
Lacey WF 4 months ago
One of the first episodes of Voyage gave the date as 1975. That is how I knew that one.
The Robot was listed as that in the pilot and first show (two different things BTW). I think (?) the B-9 designation is used again in another few episodes.
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