Can you tell the difference between Johnny Crawford and Ronny Howard?

How well do you know these Sixties child stars?

Two of the most famous kids in 1960s America were Ronny Howard and Johnny Crawford. Ronny played Andy’s son, Opie, in The Andy Griffith Show and Johnny played Mark McCain, a boy learning the ropes (well, lassos) in The Rifleman.

How well do you know these two classic TV child stars? Guess if these questions refer to Ronny, Johnny or both!

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  1. Who was born in the 1940s?
  2. Whose first acting job was a cameo in a Western starring his father?
  3. Who was a one of the original Disney Mouseketeers?
  4. Who was in an episode of The Twilight Zone?
  5. Whose brother was also a child actor?
  6. Who had multiple top 40 recording hits in the 1960s?
  7. Who was nominated for an Emmy Award when he was 13?
  8. Who dropped the "y" in his name and became an Oscar-winning director?
  9. Who was born in Oklahoma?
  10. Who was in an episode of Wagon Train?
  11. Who was in the 1962 movie adaptation of The Music Man?
  12. Who starred in the 1965 movie 'Village of the Giants' — as seen on Svengoolie?

Can you tell the difference between Johnny Crawford and Ronny Howard?

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jwj 5 days ago
Two of the best shows ever Andy Griffith and the rifleman
Jeffrey 6 days ago
I got 8 out of 12. ---------I got 7, 9, 10 and 12 wrong.
bobbygood 6 days ago
9/12. I’m usually way behind everybody else in these quizzes. However, on this one I think I did OK.
AllisonWunderland 7 days ago
7/12...I knew a few of them, very few 😂
LynCarceo 7 days ago
7/12 I had no idea about any of them; just guessed.
Dario 7 days ago
8 out of 12. 😁😁😁😁😁
PortelaJ 7 days ago
Yuck! 5-12. Back of the class junior.
frenchman71 7 days ago
I was 9/12. I never would've guessed Crawford had a brother who was also an actor. And I got #12 wrong. Never saw "Village of the Giants" and that both of them were in it.
justjeff 8 days ago
9/12 seems to be the average results on this quiz...
justjeff 8 days ago
9 out of 12. I loved seeing Ronnie as Winthrop Paroo, the lisping little boy in "The Music Man"... he won your heart when the (at-first) silent child brooding over the loss of his mother joyfully sang about the "Welth Fargo Wagon"...
Moverfan justjeff 7 days ago
And the episode of Happy Days where Marion says the little boy in the movie looks just like Richie did at that age...
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