Can you match these aunt and uncle characters to the right show?

Do you know Uncle Fester, Aunt Harriet and Uncle Leo?

While many family shows focused on a mother, a father and their children with great success, it was the extended relatives who usually brought extra quirkiness to any given episode. Whether they were just a guest star or part of the main cast, aunt and uncle characters were always good for a laugh or a story.

Here are some of our favorite TV aunts and uncles. Can you match each character to the right show?

  1. What show is Uncle Fester from?
  2. Aunt Bee is a beloved character on...
  3. What classic sitcom featured Uncle Joe?
  4. What is Aunt Harriet from?
  5. Which '90s show is Uncle Jesse from?
  6. Speaking of the 90s, Aunt Viv is from...
  7. Do you know what show Uncle Charlie is from?
    Image: The Everett Collection
  8. Aunt Martha Corinne knew all the family history on...
  9. Uncle Leo was always good for a laugh on...
  10. What show is Aunt Esther from?
  11. Tom Hanks played Uncle Ned on which 1980s sitcom?
  12. Which show is Aunt Clara from?

Can you match these aunt and uncle characters to the right show?

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MarianneCoon 29 months ago
I missed Uncle Leo because I never watched the shows on that question
jwj 29 months ago
Got them all right, I guess my mom was right, I watched too much TV,
purplerose60 30 months ago
12/12, lucky guess on the Tom Hanks one, only watched a few episodes of Who’s the Boss, none of the others.
a1k9 30 months ago
I have finally ace one. 12/12. This one was the easiest one that I have taken.
fivecents 30 months ago
FINALLY ...... I finally aced one of these quizzes. Guess I knew my aunts and uncles ..... lol
flyrod22 30 months ago
11/12. I am Tony the Tiger G...R..E..A..T!
dodgebob 30 months ago
9/12 again, always missing a few.
frances3agape 30 months ago
I felt too cocky about this one and missed the FIRST ONE rushing to answer, even tho I really KNEW IT

No 6 could have been made harder by using a photo of the ORIGINAL Aunt Viv from “Fresh Prince”
Similarly, No 7 by using the original Uncle Bub instead of Uncle Charlie on “My 3 Sons”
Correctly GUESSED No 8’s Aunt Martha Corinne on “The Waltons”
She looked so VERY familiar, I had to look her up on - Beulah Bondi
She played James Stewart's mother in 4 films, including “It's a Wonderful Life,” (one of my faves, along with "Harvey) and on his tv show (which I haven’t seen, but is pretty cool too)
robyni23 frances3agape 30 months ago
Except Bub was the boys' grandfather....
frances3agape robyni23 30 months ago
Thanks for the correction. Barely remember him but KNEW he was on the show
JC 30 months ago
You got 9 out of 12
You did you great. Time to celebrate!
ETristanBooth 30 months ago
12/12. #5, 6, and 9 were guesses.
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