Can you match these aunt and uncle characters to the right show?

Do you know Uncle Fester, Aunt Harriet and Uncle Leo?

While many family shows focused on a mother, a father and their children with great success, it was the extended relatives who usually brought extra quirkiness to any given episode. Whether they were just a guest star or part of the main cast, aunt and uncle characters were always good for a laugh or a story.

Here are some of our favorite TV aunts and uncles. Can you match each character to the right show?

  1. What show is Uncle Fester from?
  2. Aunt Bee is a beloved character on...
  3. What classic sitcom featured Uncle Joe?
  4. What is Aunt Harriet from?
  5. Which '90s show is Uncle Jesse from?
  6. Speaking of the 90s, Aunt Viv is from...
  7. Do you know what show Uncle Charlie is from?
    Image: The Everett Collection
  8. Aunt Martha Corinne knew all the family history on...
  9. Uncle Leo was always good for a laugh on...
  10. What show is Aunt Esther from?
  11. Tom Hanks played Uncle Ned on which 1980s sitcom?
  12. Which show is Aunt Clara from?

Can you match these aunt and uncle characters to the right show?

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pjones4023 4 hours ago
12/12, oddly enough I only got #11 because I recognized the wallpaper in the background!
Tmack 3 days ago
11 of 12...not bad😊😊😊
Daizy531 4 days ago
12/12 You did Great time to Celebrate.. This one was super easy
Epsdel 4 days ago
11/12 put aunt ester on the jeffersons.
Kenner 4 days ago
I guessed at Hanks. Got em all correct. Easy peezy.
jwj 5 days ago
Didn't remember Hanks on ties but remembered the wall paper from the show
Daizy531 jwj 4 days ago
Tom played an alcoholic on the episode and no one realized it until Alex caught him drinking cough syrup in the pantry it was a good episode
scp 6 days ago
Twelve out of twelve. I had forgotten Hanks was on that show until I saw that question. He was the mother's brother, wasn't he?
TheDavBow3 6 days ago
Missed 1. Didn't know that about Tom Hanks 🤔😊
Tom Banks was on a "Very Special Episode" of Family Ties. Drug addiction, if I remember correctly.
It was a two parter and he was an alcoholic love those episode's and loved the show
paul 7 days ago
12/12. One of the easier quizzes!!
JL1965 7 days ago
12/12 finally a perfect score
CountStone62 7 days ago
I now ace two of these quizzes. I am so proud of myself.
Tracye 7 days ago
12/12 baby but it was easy lol
Krn 7 days ago
12/12 you fish-eyed fool!
Moverfan Krn 7 days ago
I got 12/12 myself--so watch it, sucker.
Krn Moverfan 6 days ago
🤣. How would you like 5 across your lip!
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