Can you tell the difference between classic psychedelic bands and breakfast cereals?

Try not to put Silver Apples in your mouth.

The late '60s and early '70s were a groovy time for both your taste buds and ears. Things were far more colorful and quirky in the psychedelic era — especially products aimed at the youth. 

Kids back then would pour a big bowl of sugary cereal and watch Saturday morning cartoons. Heck, you could listen to "Sugar, Sugar" on The Archies while shoveling spoonfuls of Sugar Smacks. 

The line between pop culture and breakfast was blurred so much that cereal boxes came with records on the back.

So, the question we're asking is: Can you tell the difference between a psychedelic band and a cereal brand from that era? Good luck!
  1. Was the Lovin' Spoonful a band or a cereal?
  2. Was Strawberry Alarm Clock a band or a cereal?
  3. Was Strawberry Kombos a band or a cereal?
  4. Was Sir Grapefellow a band or a cereal?
  5. Was Electric Prunes a band or a cereal?
  6. Was Shocking Blue a band or cereal?
  7. Was Blues Magoos a band or cereal?
  8. Was Great Goodstuff a band or cereal?
  9. Was Vanilla Fudge a band or cereal?
  10. Was Tangerine Dream a band or cereal?
  11. Was Magic Puffs a band or cereal?
  12. Was Quangaroos a band or cereal?
  13. Was Mr. Wonderfull's Surprize a band or cereal?
  14. Was Pink Fairies a band or cereal?
  15. Was Crispy Critters a band or cereal?
  16. Was Cornflake Zoo a band or cereal?
  17. Was Wackies a band or cereal?
Can you tell the difference between classic psychedelic bands and breakfast cereals?

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DonS 3 months ago
Cute subject for a quiz. Many bands I never heard of.
EllisClevenger 4 months ago
You got 16 out of 17
Wow, that made us hungry. But we're not sure if we're craving fuzz guitar or corn puffs.
Missed #8.
Lacey 4 months ago
16/17 Which begs the question, do I know my cereals or do I know my psychedelic bands?
KimThornadtsson 4 months ago
15/17 Never heard of some of those bands/cereals so had to guess on some. Good quiz, though.
MrBill 4 months ago
14/17; very tough quiz. Had to guess a lot. A lot of those names given were obscure lesser know bands and cereals.
Barry22 4 months ago
15/17 missed #16 & #17. Some of these bands I never heard of. But I did have stuff from Tangerine Dream. They were like Kraftwerk. (Kraftwork?)
UTZAAKE 4 months ago
16/17. Foiled by #13. The first twelve were simple. #15 was the only slam dunk among the last five. Good quiz.
AndrewHass 4 months ago
I was 8/17 but since i guessed on most of them i think i did okay
anthony 4 months ago
16/17.I knew the right answer to #13,but some how that information never got to my finger.
teire 4 months ago
17/17. Incense, peppermints.
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