Are we describing episodes of Bonanza or The Brady Bunch?

Here's a story of... which family?

On Bonanza, Ben Cartwright was a widower with three boys of his own and on The Brady Bunch, it's the same case with Mike Brady. Both TV dads had the tough job of keeping the peace in their respective homes, but with one on a ranch in the Ponderosa and the other in a quiet suburban home, you wouldn't expect the similarities between their families to go much further than that.

But you might just be mistaken.

For this quiz, we've mixed up descriptions of episodes of Bonanza with The Brady Bunch to see if you can tell which is the Western and which is the sitcom. Toss your hat in the ring and prove you can tell apart these very different TV families. Good luck!

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  1. The family gives refuge to a strange woman accused of being a witch.
  2. The family stops in a ghost town where an old prospector locks them in a jail cell.
  3. When two siblings get lost in the Grand Canyon, an American Indian boy rescues them.
  4. Two brothers on a hunting trip help an American Indian woman deliver her baby.
  5. One brother stumbles into a ghost town, where the few residents guard their secrets.
  6. A writer is inspired to write about the admirable family, but the humble family says no.
  7. One member of the family is secretly writing a profile on the family for a magazine.
  8. The father reads his horoscope, which comes true, “a strange woman will enter your life.”
  9. Two brothers vie for the attention of the same girl, who actually prefers neither of them.
  10. One son is deemed a hero for saving a young girl, and the attention goes to his head.

Are we describing episodes of Bonanza or The Brady Bunch?

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Larry 22 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
Bobby's proud you rocked this one!
Stephen 25 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
Bobby's proud you rocked this one!
EllisClevenger 27 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
Bobby's proud you rocked this one!
SheriHeffner 27 months ago
10 out of 10. I know my Brady Bunch and I've seen all of the Bonanza episodes but two listed on here.
KimThornadtsson 27 months ago
7/10. Haven't watched Bonanza in years and never paid much attention to the Brady Bunch. Definitely going to catch some Bonanza episodes...I loved that show back when it was "shiny and new". (Giving away my age here...oh well...; )
Geronimo 27 months ago
Should have been perfect
Lucyneenah19701 27 months ago
9 out of 10. I don't watch Bonanza, but I've seen the entire Brady Bunch series.
anthony 28 months ago
7/10. "Hoss is not quite sure where you got lost." That makes two of us.
JeffTanner 28 months ago
You got 9 out of 10 ----------Bobby's proud you rocked this one!
nerakr 28 months ago
10/10. Don't know Bonanza, but I know my Brady Bunch.
ETristanBooth nerakr 27 months ago
10/10. Likewise. Anything I didn't know was Bonanza.
KathyMcKinny 28 months ago
YOU ARE WRONG!! I got all of them right, you have #10 as the "youngest son" was PETER (the middle boy)who saved the little girl from the falling wall, NOT the youngest...Bobby. You cheated me out of getting them all right. CHANGE IT to be accurate!!!
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cperrynaples JeffTanner 28 months ago
Sometimes they change the graphic, can anyone confirmed that it said "youngest son" first?
cperrynaples KathyMcKinny 28 months ago
Well, we know from our president that the definition or a wall is open...LOL! Notice that part of the post is also missing. Is Trump's AG in charge of the board...LOL again!!
cperrynaples KathyMcKinny 28 months ago
PS yes, I meant to say "of a wall"! Spellcheck doesn't work if you spell a real word!
I always thought it was Bobby.
Barry22 28 months ago
10/10, but I think #4 would've been really funny if it happened on The Brady Bunch.
cperrynaples Barry22 28 months ago
No, I don't think the Brady boys could do that!
Yeah, I agree. Also, I don't think ABC would've allowed something like that to be shown even if it was flipped, and had the girls, Carol and Alice become involved. Especially on a show like the Brady Bunch; when the worst thing they ever showed happen, was when Jan & Cindy caught Greg smoking. I know stuff like this {controversial, whatever,} was starting to be shown on other shows, not on a show that was supposed to have had a "wholesome quality" to it like BB.
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