Can you solve real Jeopardy! clues exclusively about classic family sitcoms?

Prove the most perfect thing about these TV families is your memory of them.

On the most idyllic family sitcoms, we watched again and again as characters learned you can always depend on each other. But the classic trivia game Jeopardy! has turned to family sitcoms again and again to present a different kind of valuable lesson: mining shows for fodder to fill out that great big blue clue board!

Think you'd be the champ if every question on Jeopardy! was about your favorite family sitcoms? Let's put that to the test today!

Below, thanks to the folks at, you can check out real clues actually shown on Jeopardy! revolving exclusively around classic TV family shows. Only the biggest fans of family sitcoms can emerge with a perfect score and be named champ. Good luck!
  1. For $300, you select category: THE MAMAS & THE PAPAS. Clue: She played the cantankerous Mama on "Mama's Family", a spin-off of "The Carol Burnett Show"
  2. For $400, you select category: TAKING YOUR LUMPS. Clue: On this '50s sitcom Frank Bank played Lumpy
  3. For $400, you select category: ERIN. Clue: Erin Moran was Joanie, the non-nose-twitching daughter on this 1970s sitcom
  4. For $500, you select category: THE BUTLER DID IT. Clue: Giles was the first name of this Sebastian Cabot character on "Family Affair"
  5. For $600, you select category: OF THE TIGER. Clue: Here's the story of a dog named Tiger who was a family pet on this TV show.
  6. For $600, you select category: TV SITCOMS. Clue: "Bub" was Michael Francis O'Casey's nickname on this series
  7. For $1000, you select category: SITCOM NEIGHBORS. Clue: Nosy neighbor Gladys Kravitz
  8. For $1000, you select category: TV POP QUIZ. Clue: Widower Steve Douglas
  9. For $1200, you select category: TV SHOW OPENINGS. Clue: A boy & his dad carry fishing poles as they leisurely walk along
  10. For $1200, you select category: A JOB IN TELEVISION. Clue: Mike Brady on "The Brady Bunch"
  11. For $1600, you select category: TOUGH TV. Clue: One of only 3 TV shows that were ranked No. 1 for the year by the Nielsen ratings in their final seasons
  12. For $2000, you select category: SUNDAY NIGHT TV. Clue: From 1959 until 1963 the lead-in for "Ed Sullivan" was this Jay North sitcom about a mischievous boy
  13. Let's consider this last question final Jeopardy. For $2000, you select category: OLD TV SHOWS BY EPISODE TITLE. Clue: "Wally's Car Accident"

Can you solve real Jeopardy! clues exclusively about classic family sitcoms?

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graceful1970 14 months ago
You got 12 out of 13
Uh-oh, you buzzed in with the wrong answer one time too many.
Mike 24 months ago
12/13 and I should have gotten them all. :(
LanceMcCrickard 25 months ago
That was too easy…

You got 13 out of 13

You're today's champ of family sitcom Jeopardy! Congrats, you really drove that minivan of trivia home!
Snickers 33 months ago
12/13. Buzzed in with the wrong answer one time to many? I think I did darn well only missing one.
WILD 35 months ago
You got 12 out of 13
Uh-oh, you buzzed in with the wrong answer one time too many.
GirlNumber3 35 months ago
you know this quiz is very oddly written, right?
like, there are no actual questions in the form of a question. as my aunt Maxine used to say, whada
cripplious 50 months ago
12/13 didnt know Griffith show was number 1
jamiahsh 54 months ago
I miss one and it’s a failure?! Come on Alex
djw1120 58 months ago
12 out of 13
I missed #4: I never watched "Family Affair" so I didn't know about "Mr. French"
Arbie djw1120 54 months ago
Ever watch The Twilight Zone? Same actor who played Mr. French was also Pip from "A Nice Place to Visit." And he was the voice of Bagheera in the animated Jungle Book, 1967.
WILD Arbie 35 months ago
He was also in The Time Machine (1960) with Rod Taylor, Yvette Mimieux and Alan Young (Who was the voice of Uncle Scrooge McDuck for Disney).
LeeHarper 58 months ago
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