Can you remember the names of these discontinued fast food sandwiches?

They may no longer be sold, but they can make your mouth water.


Burger King has launched its Impossible Whopper, a meatless version of its flagship burger with the flavor of modern science. Subway has launched its similarly meatless Beyond Meatball Sub. 

Whether these sandwiches become long-term staples or passing trends, they are helping to usher in a new era of fast food.

The industry is always trying out new menu items. Over the years, many burgers and sandwiches have come and gone. We bet you ate some of them or saw commercials for them. (At least, we hope you've read about them elsewhere on this website.)

Let's put your stomach memory to the test. See if you can name all of these discontinued menu items from major fast food chains!
  1. Burger King gave the first version of its fish sandwich this name.
     Image: Burger King
  2. McDonald's promised that the hot side would stay hot and the cool side would stay cool in this gimmicky burger.
     Image: McDonald's
  3. Burger King sold these adorable little conjoined sliders circa 1990.
     Image: Burger King
  4. McDonald's launched this burger around 2000. You can still find it on military bases.
     Image: McDonald's
  5. What did McDonald's call this big bite that launched in 1979?
     Image: McDonald's
  6. Taco Bell sold this loose meat sandwich in the 1970s.
     Image: Taco Bell
  7. What did the Sandy's chain call its competitor to the Big Mac?
     Image: Sandy's
  8. Wendy's tried to make this sliced meat sandwich work in 2006.
     Image: Wendy's
  9. What did the Burger Chef chain call its signature burger?
     Image: Burger Chef
  10. Burger King offered this specialty sandwich circa 1982.
     Image: Burger King
  11. Finally, Jack in the Box offered this long sandwich in the 1970s.
     Image: Jack in the Box

Can you remember the names of these discontinued fast food sandwiches?

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Jeffrey 17 months ago
"You got 9 out of 11'' ---Did you put it all together? "Win or lose, we bet you are hungry now." No, not really. I got 6 and 8 wrong.
AnnaRentzVandenhazel 25 months ago
Understandable, some of the chains didn't exist in my part of the country.

McDonald's McDLT sandwich never had cheese like in this picture, which was why I never bought it. Perhaps some locations allowed people to request cheese, but there was none in the pictures, and the people I knew who tried it said it was boring. One man was mad because it didn't have bacon, thinking the name was McBLT.
nightshade 33 months ago
sad to say i have eaten most of these back in the day
dmirarh nightshade 25 months ago
I didn't, but sure wish I had.
57 months ago
8 out of 11. We didn't have Jack In The Box here in North Carolina until the late 1990s. That's the reson I didn't know the final question.Plus I guessed wrong on numbers 8 and 10.
LindaWilliams 58 months ago
You got 8 out of 11

Did you put it all together? Win or lose, we bet you are hungry now.
JeffTanner 58 months ago
''You got 9 out of 11'' ------------------Did you put it all together? Win or lose, we bet you are hungry now.
Jeffrey JeffTanner 17 months ago
WOW! I don't remember taking this quiz that long ago. And I got the same score as now. But, I don't know or remember which ones I got wrong back then.
James 58 months ago
What ever happen to Wiener King???????
Katzi 58 months ago
Some of the restaurants (like Burger Chef) weren't near me!
Greg 58 months ago
A bit of trivia the future George on Seinfeld Jason Alexander stared in the ad for the McDLT. He lead a ever growing group of people down the street proclaiming the hot side is hot and the cool side cool.
CarrieMcCourt 58 months ago
I just wish DQ would bring back the BBQ. That was the ONLY thing I wanted when we would go there. Well, that and the ice cream
Jeffrey CarrieMcCourt 17 months ago
I wish DQ would come back where I live now. I know they were here many, many years ago, but not now.
Dario 58 months ago
Not bad at 8 out of 11! 😁😁😁😁😁
MrBill 58 months ago
5/11; I also have never heard of most of these and had to guess a lot.
bringbackWKRP 58 months ago
7 for 11. Please consider bringing back WKRP
What does your question have to do with the quiz topic?
My thoughts exactly! Lol. Maybe they missed their Meds...😳
littledebbie bringbackWKRP 56 months ago
Click on "Contact Metv" at the very top of the page, right hand side. You can send them your request there
MaryHelen 58 months ago
5/5 no wonder-- YUK on fast food meats!!!
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