Can you find the ONE TV show that started in the 1970s and ended in the 1990s?

Which series aired its premiere in the '70s and finale in the '90s?

Some shows span generations. But a mere handful had a series kicked off in the Seventies and ended in the Nineties.

Below, you will find 15 shows that were super successful in the 1980s. But just ONE of them began its series run in the '70s and wrapped up with its series finale in the '90s.

See if you can find it.
  1. Pick the ONE show below that aired its first episode in the 1970s and series finale in the 1990s!
Can you find the ONE TV show that started in the 1970s and ended in the 1990s?

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Lacey 4 days ago
Nailed it no problem. (No brag, just fact)
JeffTanner 9 days ago
It took me until the end to get it right. Dallas.
Lucyneenah19701 12 days ago
I got it right on the first try - Dallas!
BubbaPacha77511 12 days ago
toooo easy. Who shot down this quiz...i did
MrsPhilHarris 14 days ago
Took a few guesses. I thought it was The Love Boat.
Bret 14 days ago
Got it right on the first try.
cperrynaples 14 days ago
knew it just from the quiz title!
teire cperrynaples 14 days ago
What if Dallas hadn’t been a choice and they used Knots Landing instead? Would you have gotten that? These overlapping decades quizzes are fun.
cperrynaples teire 13 days ago
Yeah,i would have known it, but Dallas was bigger!
anthony 14 days ago
Figured it was Dallas.Even though I didn't watch it.I wouldn't have guessed Knots Landing,although I did watch that one some.
Rickey 14 days ago
the correct show!
You got it! The Ewing saga of Dallas ran from 1978 to 1991. We should also note that its spin-off, Knots Landing, also achieved this feat, airing from 1979 to 1993!
teire 14 days ago
Got it first try, remembered it started in the late 70s, so took a chance.
stephaniestavropoulos 14 days ago
I struck oil! I got it on the first attempt!!
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