Can you remember the military rank of all these Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. characters?

Do you know who was a private, a corporal or a sergeant?


Like many military shows, each enlisted character in Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. had an official military rank. These distinctions came into play throughout the series, especially if a character got promoted.

Here are twelve Gomer Pyle characters, including some who only appeared a few times. Can you guess the correct rank for each person?

  1. What is Gomer Pyle's rank?
  2. What is Vince Carter's rank?
  3. Duke Slater started as a private but was promoted to which rank?
  4. What rank is Edward Gray?
  5. What is Charley Hacker's rank?
  6. It's M*A*S*H's William Christopher! He played Lester Hummel as what rank?
  7. What is Chuck Boyle's rank?
  8. Carol Burnett first appeared as a Corporal who was later promoted to which rank?
  9. Frankie Lombardi is a...
  10. What is Nick Cuccinelli's rank?
  11. Early on, George Van Pelt was the...
  12. What is Whipple's rank?

Can you remember the military rank of all these Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. characters?

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bagandwallyfan52 31 months ago
The biggest mystery of all time
Besides Chuck Cunningham
Syndrome from Happy Days
Is Ed Sawyer Syndrome from
The Andy Griffith show episode
Stranger In Town
.Ed Sawyer moved to Mayberry
Had a crush on Lucy Mathews
And said that Mayberry was
His Hometown. But if Ed
Sawyer (William Lanteau)
Really did move to Mayberry
Then where in Mayberry was
Ed Sawyer Hiding for the
Next 8/years of TAGS and
3 years of Mayberry RFD?
End Sawyer (William Lanteau) was not the
Only Stranger In Town
Because Floyd the barber
Was played by Walter
Baldwin instead of
Howard McNear.
Walter Baldwin also played
Ganpappy Miller on green
Acres and maybe Petticoat Junction.
Richard Sinatra played
Corporal Boyle for One
Episode Only before
Roy Stuart played Cpl.
Chuck Boyle.
* Ed Sawyer (William Lanteau) later became Mayor Chester Wanamaker in Newhart.
bagandwallyfan52 31 months ago
unanswered Questions:
Why was Cpl. Nick Cuccinelli
(Tommy Leonetti) replaced by
Cpl. Boyle (Roy Stuart) ?
Why was Cpl. Chuck Boyle(Roy
Stuart)replaced by Cpl. Duke
Slater(Ronnie Schell).?
2 On Happy Days Bag Zombroski
(Neil J. Schwartz) played the
Drums in Richie's band.
Why did Sticks Downey Jr.(John
Anthony Bailey) replace Bag Zombroski as the new person to
Play the drums in Richie's band
Starting with season 3 of
Happy Days?
How come Moose(Barry Greenberg) never talked
On Happy Days and why did
Moose disappear from Happy Days after season one?
Why did Eugene Belvin
(Denis Mandel) vanish from
Happy Days with no explanation
After the season 9 episode
Tell Tell Tart ?
Why did Melvin Belvin (Scott
Bernstein) disspear after the
Season 10 episode called
I Drink Therefore I Am which is

The episode where Flip Phillips Billy Warlock)was drunk with his
Two friends.
On Gomer Pyle USMC why was
Sgt. Whipple (Buck Young)
Replaced by Sgt. Hacker(Allan
On GP USMC why did Bunny
Have three different last
Names -Harper Olsen and
On Gomer Pyle USMC Colonel
Harper(,Karl Swenson) had a
Daughter named Jane Gray
Played by Suzanne Benoit.
Why was Jane Gray's last
Name changed to Jane Gray
When Forrest Compton started
Playing Colonel Gray.
Instead of changing Jane's
Last name from Harper to
Gray Forrest Compton could
Have played the NEW COLONEL
HARPER instead of changing
Jane's last name.
Why did BAG (Neil J. Schwartz)
Disappear from Happy Days after the season 4 episode
The Book Of Records?
Why was Susan Walther
(Henrietta Plout 1)/replaced
By Lynette Winter(Henrietta
Plout 2)on Petticoat Junction?
Why wasn't nNewt Kiley (Kay
Outer)on Green Acres on
Season 6(The last.season)?
Why did Russell Horton play
Junior Hocker on Petticoat Junction for 3 episodes only
Before Junior Hocker vanished from Hooterville?
Why did Herbie Bates (Don
Washbrook) vanish from
Petticoat Junction after
Is as on one?
Why was Angela Brown (Ann
Marshall)Mrs.Brown's daughter)
Doing a disappearing a from My
Favorite Martian after only
3 episodes?
On The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet what was Ozzie Nelson's
Job?On Ozzie and Harriet why
Was Th name of Wally Dipple
Changed to Wally Plumstead (Skip Young)?
On Ozzie and Harriet why
Wasn't Wally's girlfriend
Ginger (Charlene Salerno)
No longer on the show
During the last season(season
On Dark Shadows why was
James Hall replaced by
John Karlen as Willie Loomis?
On Happy Days why did actor
Randolph Roberts play Chuck
Cunningham for 2 episodes only
Before Chuck Cunningham and
Randolph Roberts vanished into The SITCOM ZONE where.
Characters from sitcoms
Go when they vanish with no explanation from their Sitcoms.
Also why was Clara Johnson changed to Clara
Edwards(Hope Summers)
On The Andy Griffith Show?
Suzanne Benoit played
Jane HARPER the daughter
Of Colonel Harper (Karl
Swenson). Later the name
Of Jane Harper was changed to Jane Gray
When Forrest Compton
Joined GP as Colonel Gray.
Suzanne Benoit played
Both roles -
Jane HARPER and
Jane GRAY.
* Ozzie Nelson's job was revealed in feature film HERE COME THE NELSONS! Why did Rhoda's married sister Debbie disappear after 1 appearance on Mary Tyler Moore Show and get replaced by never before seen sister Brenda on "Rhoda" spinoff? Why did Gomer & Sergeant Carter buy black suits from Friendly Freddy when they could've bought suits from the USMC/USN base exchange? Aaah, continuity errors are indeed common!
bagandwallyfan52 32 months ago
Cpl. Boyle(Roy Stuart) and
Cpl. Nick Cuccinelli(Tommy
Leonetti)and Sgt. Whipple
(Back Young) and Lou Ann
Poovie(Elizabeth MacRae)
Were my favorites costars
My favorite stars were
Sgt. Carter(Frank Sutton)
And GOMER Pyle(Jim Nabors)
Toot1956 32 months ago
12/12 Too Easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Desperado 32 months ago
Funny thing the show never ever showed a G.I. with the rank of lance corporal.
Dajj 32 months ago
8/12 I didnt watch it that much. Too busy playin outside with my friends!!
greyhound 32 months ago
8/12 I rarely watched the show. I couldn't stand Jim Nabors.
Moriyah 32 months ago
Btw, if you didn't see it yet, this is what I made last night:
Moriyah Moriyah 32 months ago
I'm surprised nobody said anything about this picture I made
Moriyah 12 months ago
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Moriyah 12 months ago
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kimmer 32 months ago
6/12....I better get some sleep...I can't think anymore!!!
KenKnighton 33 months ago
11 out of 12 missed only #11!
MikefromJersey 33 months ago
11 for 12. Got number 10 wrong, have no memory of this character, a one off?
Did you know the writers used the names of various comedy writers for many of the sergeants
seen or merely mentioned on the series? Like Bill Persky.
BobInBG78 33 months ago
BobInBG78 12 months ago
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MOT1970 33 months ago
Pretty easy. But, Vince Carter was a Gunnery Sergeant and Charlie Hacker was a Staff Sergeant. Marines like their full titles.
Catman 33 months ago
Well, most of the questions answered themselves, since the rank insignia was showing. So 11/12 and the comment that Pyle was PFC, not private, Carter was Gunnery Sergeant (Gunny I believe is the Marine word) and one of those "colonels" was a Lt Col.
But fun, eh?
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