Can you tell the difference between Kitty Russell and Lou Mallory?

Can you tell these tough Western women apart?


Gunsmoke’s Kitty Russell and Lou Mallory from The Rifleman have a lot in common. Both are tough businesswomen making a name for themselves on the rugged frontier. Their fiery personalities match their bright red hair and their chemistry with the leading men opposite them is undeniable.

Of course, there are many differences between these TV Western women. How well do you know Kitty and Lou? Take this quiz and find out. Be careful, some answers could apply to both!

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  1. Who lived in Kansas?
  2. Who owned the Madera House hotel?
  3. Who was born in Ireland?
  4. Who went on a date with her show’s main love interest only to have him fall asleep?
  5. Who had an episode named after them?
  6. Who was in her show’s last season?
  7. The actress who played this character also helped design her dresses.
  8. Who was raised by a con artist?
  9. Who mentioned that she used to own a saloon in Denver?
  10. Who kissed her show’s leading man?

Can you tell the difference between Kitty Russell and Lou Mallory?

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KrisD 3 months ago
9/10 forgot neither kissed the leading men
SusanEstill 20 months ago
I just watched an episode today where Kitty kissed Matt. I believe your answer to Question #10 is incorrect!
Cowgirl 31 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
That score is worth a second glance. Great job!
Jamesatkinson 32 months ago
4 of 10: may I burn these results. Very ashamed. 😩😩
PinkiePie 32 months ago
I got 8/10 I know a lot about Lou but not Kitty. Didn’t Kitty kiss Matt though?
SusanEstill PinkiePie 20 months ago
Yes! I just watched an episode where she kissed him!
country46 32 months ago
At least you can smile knowing you tried your best. Better luck next time! 6 of 10
TheCalawayRanch 32 months ago
Never miss these 2 ,But, my favorite. IS Wagon train!
grandpa5741 33 months ago
8 of 10 both lovely ladies and Miss Kitty and Matt should have married
Kenner 33 months ago
4/10 Guess I need to study western TV actresses more🤔
TheOnlyONE 33 months ago
10/10. Both good shows with actors who were both 6'6" tall.
LH 33 months ago
8/10. I never watched Gunsmoke so I don’t know anything about kitty… But I remember some vague things about Lou Mallory
AllisonWunderland 33 months ago
8/10...Not too shabby, I knew more than I thought 😆
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