How well do you remember the Gomer Pyle episode ''Flower Power''?

Hey, man, remember when Gomer met hippies, man?


"Flower Power" remains one of the most memorable episodes of Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C., and a perfect capsule of Sixties sitcom comedy. It's funny, it features notable guest stars, and Jim Nabors sings a lovely song.

It's pretty hard to forget that Marine truck covered in psychedelic graphics. So… how well do you remember "Flower Power"?

Try to get at least 10 answers correct!

  1. The plot revolves around a Marine exercise in the field. What is Gomer's task in the war games?
  2. What's inside the truck?
  3. There are two opposing teams in the Marine exercise. Which team is Gomer on?
  4. Why are the hippies looking under the truck?
  5. This famous actor is best known for playing which Seventies sitcom character?
  6. What are the names of the three hippies?
  7. The hippies don't like the name "Pyle" and tell Gomer all he needs is one name like…?
  8. What nickname do the hippies give Gomer?
  9. What food did the hippies bring with them?
  10. Why did this hippie have a falling out with his dad, whom he calls "Phil"?
  11. What song does Gomer sing with the hippies?
  12. According to Gomer, what are the only colors you're supposed to use when painting in the Marines?
  13. Forrest Compton played this colonel — also named for a color!
  14. What does Gomer misplace?
  15. Carter's Blue team wins by how many points?
  16. The "peace beads" that Sgt. Carter wears in the end are actually made of what?

How well do you remember the Gomer Pyle episode ''Flower Power''?

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kennethmarsalek 26 months ago
I can't believe there's no more METV
kennethmarsalek 26 months ago
I just scan through it I don't read it I just like to watch it
HopeDuchaine 33 months ago
10/16. I have to read more carefully.
Coldnorth 33 months ago
Only a few things I remember from this episode. So my guesses weren’t too bad
Elkoman 34 months ago
1 wrong! Look how young Mike is! Cool dude!
Eb 34 months ago
16 of 16 Baby! Goooooleee!
34 months ago
I loved sweet Gomer on TAGS, but just couldn't make friends with this show.
Moriyah Pilaf 34 months ago
Why don't you like Gomer on Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.?
Moriyah 34 months ago
I don't know if I can put my finger on it. He seemed to have lost his sweetness somehow. Didn't care for "Sgt. Carter" at all. I felt he was not an authentic male, JMHO. Lou Ann Poovie was a gruesome caricature, IMHO. Loved Gomer Pyle on TAGS, not so much on GP,USMC.
Moriyah Pilaf 34 months ago
I get it. But I think I actually like him better on GPUSMC more than I like him on TAGS. And the reason why I say this is probably because he brances out, and gets involved more on the show. I also like that he's the main character, and I also like that he's in every episode as well.
Abbadon517 34 months ago
12/16, good one...guess I haven't seen the episode enough yet
Toot1956 34 months ago
Love that Episode, Love the song.
Muleskinner 34 months ago
14/16. A lot better than i thought I’d do. I haven’t seen this episode in many many years.
Swifteagle 34 months ago
9/16. What is a hippie?
Moriyah Swifteagle 34 months ago
A hippie is someone who wears colorful clothing, a fringe vest or boots, sometimes bell bottom pants, usually has long hair, and they bring peace to everyone.
Moriyah Swifteagle 34 months ago
Like this:
ncadams27 Moriyah 34 months ago
At least they were portrayed that way on TV. Every show from 1966 to 1974 (end of Vietnam War) had a hippie episode. Then it was disco.
Moriyah ncadams27 34 months ago
Yeah, although I do wish Gomer dressed up as one, though
327053 34 months ago
Just saw this episode yesterday and I missed 1. Nuts 🥜🙁
Moriyah 327053 34 months ago
What was your favorite part of it last night?
327053 Moriyah 34 months ago
How Gomer is always distracted from his work. Goofing off like always. Reminds me of me back in elementary 🤣
Moriyah 327053 34 months ago
I think I'm like that, too
dodgebob 34 months ago
6/16, pretty good ah, nooooot.
OVkid 34 months ago
13 of 16. I didn't even know I knew this stuff.
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