Can you remember the first names of all these TV dads?

You may know them as Mr. Cleaver, Mr. Brady or Dr. Robinson. Try to match them to the right first names!


While everyone is on a first name basis with classic TV pops like Andy Taylor and Fred Flintstone, some fathers were known mostly as Dad or Mr. ______. Their first names rarely came up!

Here are some of our favorite fathers from sci-fi shows, Westerns and, of course, family sitcoms. Can you match the correct first name to each dad?

  1. What is this rancher dad's first name?
     Image: The Everett Collection
  2. One of the most iconic '90s TV dads is named...
  3. This dad shares a name with his oldest son...
  4. This goofy dad is named...
  5. What is this Western dad's name?
  6. This father of six is named...
  7. Doris Ziffel raised her pig, Arnold, like a son with husband...
  8. What is the name of this space-exploring dad?
  9. What is the first name of this sea captain dad?
  10. The Jetson dad everyone knows is George, but what about his grandfather?
  11. What is the name of this wholesome sitcom dad?
  12. What is the name of this Vulcan father?
  13. This father of three sons (well, technically four) is named...
     Image: The Everett Collection

Can you remember the first names of all these TV dads?

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gockionni 15 months ago
11/13 - aced 11, “spaced” 2 (10 & 12)
CouchPotato987 23 months ago
I hate Star Trek and Green Acres questions! I never liked those shows. I never understood the big deal in Star Trek.
JewelsChuck 24 months ago
12/13 Not bad for someone who didn’t have a father growing up because he died young. 😔
Dave62 JewelsChuck 24 months ago
Sorry for your loss
dschurba 24 months ago
So easy! Got them all in 15 seconds!
JAWhitman 24 months ago
missed 2 spock dad and the jetsons
chawk 24 months ago
13/13 one was a guess, the lost in space dad.
SheriHeffner 25 months ago
I hot the right one but my stupid phone jumped. I would have got 11 out of 13 right.
meTed 25 months ago
Got em all. I’ve watched way too much tv growing up. Who am I kidding I still do. 😄
MikeBaker 25 months ago
12/13 missed Jetsons grandfather.

LynCarceo 25 months ago
11/13; missed #2 (never watched it) and jetsons (don't remember the grandfather; too long ago)
HopeChinWah 25 months ago
I got 12 out of 13 Missed the Jetson one.
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