Can you recognize these illustrated stars on the cover of TV Guide in 1973?

Try to spot Seventies celebrities in painted form.

Image: TV Guide Magazine

The TV Guide offered more than listings and reviews. The weekly television magazine also employed some talented illustrators who turned familiar faces into works of art.

Below, we've gathered a baker's dozen of classic illustrated TV Guide covers from 1973. All of them featured stars of hit shows of the day. 

See if you can recognize them all! 

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  1. Who is the redhead with Fred?
    Image: TV Guide Magazine
  2. Who is Buddy Ebsen portraying on this cover?
    Image: TV Guide Magazine
  3. Which private detective is this?
    Image: TV Guide Magazine
  4. Which family is this?
    Image: TV Guide Magazine
  5. Which character is this depicted on the cover?
    Image: TV Guide Magazine
  6. Do you recognize this sitcom headliner?
    Image: TV Guide Magazine
  7. Who is this actor playing a detective?
    Image: TV Guide Magazine
  8. Who is this actor playing a cop?
    Image: TV Guide Magazine
  9. Who is the actor on the left playing a doctor?
    Image: TV Guide Magazine
  10. Which talk show host is this?
    Image: TV Guide Magazine
  11. Who is this holding a banjo?
    Image: TV Guide Magazine
  12. Who is that on the left?
    Image: TV Guide Magazine
  13. We'll tell you that is Richard Widmark — but which character is he portraying?
    Image: TV Guide Magazine

Can you recognize these illustrated stars on the cover of TV Guide in 1973?

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Kergooliewyn 18 months ago
12/13 I got #5 wrong. That was due to lack of attention to the year stated in the introduction. Mea culpa.
ClassicTVnut 18 months ago
12/13. Not bad. I blew it on #12. Book me Danno!
idkwut2use 48 months ago
You got 10 out of 13
What keen detective skills you have! You could recognize these TV stars from a police sketch. Nice work!
Clem 51 months ago
13 out of 13...Yahoooooo!!
booster 51 months ago
12/13 Missed #4. Ingalls, Waltons, never watched either show.
Cynthia 51 months ago
Number 3 is almost a trick question because William Conrad played Frank Cannon (Cannon), Nero Wolfe (Nero Wolfe), AND J.L. McCabe (Jake & the Fatman).
mdit21 Cynthia 51 months ago
Yes, it's one of those questions in which one must remember what it is asking about the stars (in 1973).
CouchPotato19 Cynthia 51 months ago
William Conrad should've been a porn star!!! He had the perfect look.
Kergooliewyn CouchPotato19 18 months ago
Okay now we can all try to get that image out of our heads!😄😄
Jhh 51 months ago
13/13 now I want to eliminate Mamas family from the Me-Tv schedule...OOPS it's gonna happen
Lacey 51 months ago
13/13 I really need a life.
legion1a 51 months ago

I didn't watch much TV back in 1973! .
I was just too busy being a young adult, back in those days!
(But I rarely ever missed any episodes of Hee Haw.)
I got 11 out of 13 correct!
The ones that I got wrong were the shows that I was never interested in, or ever watched.
Fun Quiz!
jholton30062 51 months ago
12/13. #6 threw me, too. That looks NOTHING like Mary Tyler Moore.
thedude1500 51 months ago
The left off the chin dimple for Michael Douglass. Mary Tyler Moore didn't really look like her in that illustration.
UTZAAKE 51 months ago
11. Cover art by the late great Jack Davis.
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