Can you find the ONE word that is not in the Gilligan's Island theme song?

Sing along now! "The Professor and Mary Ann!"

"J-u-u-u-u-st…" Sorry, that's all we're going to give you. You'll have to sing the rest yourself.


That shouldn't be a problem. Who doesn't know the Gilligan's Island theme song? That "tale of a fateful trip" had us whistling and singing along for decades, from the first note to "…the Professor and Mary Ann!" 

Well, you've had enough snippets. Sing "The Ballad of Gilligan's Isle." Pay attention to every word in the lyrics.

Now, see if you can find the ONE word below that is NOT used in the lyrics. Try to find it in one guess. Keep clicking until you find it. You'll know when you don't get squirted in the eye. Good luck, little buddy!

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  1. Find the ONE word that is NOT used in the 'Gilligan's Island' theme song.

Can you find the ONE word that is not in the Gilligan's Island theme song?

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Walter 12 hours ago
I confused water with weather and gave up after 3 misses
VickiProctor 10 days ago
I was torn between "water" and "ground". Had to sing it all in my mind, but i got the "correct" one. But isn’t it technically "aground"? “The ship’s aground..." Therefore "ground" would be correct, too.
The lyric is ‘The ship set ground on the shore of an uncharted desert isle’.
thedude1500 10 days ago
I had to sing the song in my head to get the right answer
RichardPniewski 10 days ago
Got it On the first try but there is a slight error. The word "ground" isn't in the song either; "aground" is. (It's one word.)
daDoctah 10 days ago
Strictly speaking, the answer "ground" should also be considered correct. The word in the song is "aground".
TamaraLRobinson 11 days ago
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TVJunkie 11 days ago
I blew it. Movie. My shame will haunt me to the grave.
nerakr 12 days ago
I had to write all the words down and cross them out as I sang the song.
garykevinware nerakr 10 days ago
Me too, although I didn't totally remember the part just before the recitation of the characters. I caught that it was 'aground', not 'ground'. So it was between 'shore' and 'water'. I was pretty sure that 'shore' was in it and not 'water' and so I picked 'water and got it right.
Jon 12 days ago
Did you know the theme song to Gilligan’s Island has the same melody as Amazing Grace? Try singing Amazing Grace to the melody. It will be forever stuck in your head.
EllisClevenger 14 days ago
It took me THREE tries to get it.
Now, I have an earworm that I'd like to toss on a deserted island.
JeffTanner 14 days ago
''You picked the correct answer!'' Yeah, After 3 tries. The castaways were surrounded by water... but the word ''water'' never turned up in the lyrics! Nice work! Maybe we should call you ''Professor.''

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