Can you recognize all these celebrity spoofs on The Flintstones?

The cartoon parodied TV hosts, detectives, spies and superheroes.

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The Flintstones are timeless, but the original series The Flintstones was a major part of 1960s pop culture specifically. The primetime cartoon was aimed at the whole family. There were adorable dinosaurs to delight children, but also a parade of parodies for the parents.

The Flintstones spoofed Hollywood (well, Hollyrock) through the show, riffing on popular movies, TV shows and celebrities of the day.

If you can ace this quiz, you are a certified Sixties expert and Flintstones fanatic! See if you can tell who The Flintstones are spoofing!

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  1. The cartoon spoofed this TV lawyer who rarely loses in "Little Bamm-Bamm."
  2. The Flintstones parodied this iconic TV host a couple of times.
  3. Which legendary Hollywood director are they spoofing here?
  4. Which superhero is being spoofed here?
  5. Do you recognize the TV cowboy being spoofed here?
  6. Dino's favorite TV show is a spoof of this series.
  7. This department store mannequin in "Social Climbers" is an homage to which icon?
  8. This celebrity voiced his Bedrock version named "Stoney."
  9. This 'Bye Bye Birdie' star voiced her Bedrock character seen here.
  10. This spy was spoofed in "Dr. Sinister."
  11. This hip TV detective's name was spoofed in "Love Letters on the Rocks."
  12. Which sitcom character is being spoofed with this military figure?
  13. In "Divided We Sail," Fred goes on a game show called The Prize Is Priced. Who was the host of The Price Is Right at the time, being spoofed here?
  14. This character named "Aaron Boulder" was spoofing which Sixties TV show?

Can you recognize all these celebrity spoofs on The Flintstones?

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