Can you recognize all these celebrity spoofs on The Flintstones?

The cartoon parodied TV hosts, detectives, spies and superheroes.

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The Flintstones are timeless, but the original series The Flintstones was a major part of 1960s pop culture specifically. The primetime cartoon was aimed at the whole family. There were adorable dinosaurs to delight children, but also a parade of parodies for the parents.

The Flintstones spoofed Hollywood (well, Hollyrock) through the show, riffing on popular movies, TV shows and celebrities of the day.

If you can ace this quiz, you are a certified Sixties expert and Flintstones fanatic! See if you can tell who The Flintstones are spoofing!

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  1. The cartoon spoofed this TV lawyer who rarely loses in "Little Bamm-Bamm."
  2. The Flintstones parodied this iconic TV host a couple of times.
  3. Which legendary Hollywood director are they spoofing here?
  4. Which superhero is being spoofed here?
  5. Do you recognize the TV cowboy being spoofed here?
  6. Dino's favorite TV show is a spoof of this series.
  7. This department store mannequin in "Social Climbers" is an homage to which icon?
  8. This celebrity voiced his Bedrock version named "Stoney."
  9. This 'Bye Bye Birdie' star voiced her Bedrock character seen here.
  10. This spy was spoofed in "Dr. Sinister."
  11. This hip TV detective's name was spoofed in "Love Letters on the Rocks."
  12. Which sitcom character is being spoofed with this military figure?
  13. In "Divided We Sail," Fred goes on a game show called The Prize Is Priced. Who was the host of The Price Is Right at the time, being spoofed here?
  14. This character named "Aaron Boulder" was spoofing which Sixties TV show?

Can you recognize all these celebrity spoofs on The Flintstones?

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markbonn 12 months ago
I got 14/14, with only 1 I wasn't Sure of.
I spent Way too much Time watching!
My Favorite is Easy! Elizabeth Montgomery/ Samantha Stevens
DavidLear 18 months ago
I do think you forgot the one with James Garner in his Jim Rockford role!
markbonn DavidLear 12 months ago
Flintstones ran from 1960-66, whereas Rockford files premiered in 74. If you Post an Image of the Character you are thinking of, I'm sure someone will Name him!
DawnEllenMayo 20 months ago
14/14 I lived for Flintstones every Friday night
PulsarStargrave 20 months ago
14/14 (Jazz music plays as I walk out...)
Coolrain 20 months ago
You got 12 out of 14
Dang! Missed two
DavidLear Coolrain 18 months ago
Yeah, call a P.I. ;)
CreatureFeatureFan 20 months ago
Just yesterday, Perry Masonary came to mind.
itsGretchen 20 months ago
Boo, missed the last one.
Fun quiz, thank you MeTV staff!
Snickers 30 months ago
12/14 Missed # 3 and 14. Missed # 3 because the screen jumped again but I knew who it was.
BigE 48 months ago
13 of 14. Missed Bill Cullen
JERRY6 49 months ago
12 not very good missed bill cullenand lassie
Mukusthebadd1 50 months ago
Who wrotes these questions and ansers?
Realy, spell check, PLEASE! Please, re-read, before you post, you dumber than one(s)!
K Mukusthebadd1 30 months ago
Are you 'trying' to be funny? You have several words spelled incorrectly.
DIGGER1 54 months ago
Can you recognize all these celebrity spoofs on The Flintstones?
You got 12 out of 14
How did you yabba-dabba-do? Share you score and tell us your favorite Flintstones celebrity!
I missed Questions 11 & 13.
SheriHeffner 54 months ago
13 out of 14. I got the last one wrong. My favorite celebrity was Ann Margrock, Her Little Lamb Song was so sweet and after I learned it I would sing it to my niece and nephews when they were babies. But you're forgetting another favorite of mine. Samantha Stevens from Bewitched.
RobCertSDSCascap 54 months ago
#13- Fred chickened out, and Barney took his place. Barney fit right in with the other
2 crazy contestants!
Obwan 54 months ago
I took this one and got 11 out of 14. Yabba Dabba Doo
Obwan Obwan 54 months ago
I forgot to put my favorite Peter Gunnity. I like the way they way he walks and the music every time his character appears on an episode.
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