How well do you remember the first episode of The Andy Griffith Show?

Andy was perfection from the premiere — but can you stay perfect?


Few TV shows began in such perfect form. The Andy Griffith Show premiered on October 3, 1960, and all the core elements were there. The hilarious overeager policing of Barney Fife, the charming parenting skills of Andy Taylor, the warmth of Aunt Bee.

The glue of the episode, "The New Housekeeper," is Opie. Ron Howard, just six years old, steals scene after scene as he objects to a marriage, fixes breakfast, and threatens to run away from home. 

And, yes, it gets us every time. Even as we watch this first episode for the umpteenth time to make this quiz — well, our eyes got a little moist.

Mayberry fans sure know this show forward and backward. How well do you remember "The New Housekeeper"?

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  1. What is the name of the Taylors' original housekeeper?
  2. Who is the Justice of the Peace who married Rose and Wilbur?
  3. What instrument does Barney pull out and play during the wedding?
  4. How do Barney and Andy say they are related in this scene?
  5. What does Opie scrub with a brush when making breakfast for his pa?
  6. What does Aunt Bee make for dinner?
  7. What is the name of Opie's bird?
  8. Why does Barney arrest Emma?
  9. What sport does Andy try to get Aunt Bee to play?
  10. Does Aunt Bee catch a fish?
  11. What act leads Aunt Bee to leave the Taylors?
  12. What traditional folk song does Andy sing on the porch?

How well do you remember the first episode of The Andy Griffith Show?

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rwatson5651 4 months ago
Hard boiled eggs are my favorite!
TonyClifton 25 months ago
1 out of 12. I'm surprised I even got that one right. I guessed. Never cared much for this show.
Todd 54 months ago
I thought technically the first episode was on Make Room for Daddy(February 16th, 1960) which introduced all, or most of the early cast. It is interesting to note that the town drunk was played by Frank Cady, and Francis Bavier was a different character, not "Aunt Bee".
tecrebs2017 57 months ago
I couldn't remember what Opie was scrubbing I thought for sure it was burnt toast
honeypie 57 months ago
I got all 12 correct for the first episode of Andy
Allison 58 months ago
11/12 didn't remember what Opie was scrubbing
leebillyold 58 months ago
12/12 why was there conflict between Franci s & Andy?😐
EveningSkye 58 months ago
12/12! I remember watching the first episode when it debuted back in 1960. Just a few days after the Flintstone debut.

Can anyone help me? On the MeTV hour identification, there's a series of pictures... Andy, Hawkeye, Hoss, Carol., etc. I cannot figure out the second person from the left! Who is it? I cannot believe I don't recognize him! Who can help me?
EllisClevenger 58 months ago
You got 12 out of 12
Don't look so surprised, Aunt Bee! You have a lot of big fans! Nice work, fan!
AllisonWunderland 58 months ago
12/12! "You get a line, I get a pole...
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