Can you recognize all these celebrity guest stars on Rawhide?

Clint was hardly the only movie star to appear on this Western.

Rawhide turned Clint Eastwood into a Western icon. But his Rowdy Yates was hardly the only cowboy onscreen.

Along with wonderful regulars Gil Favor and Paul Brinegar, Rawhide welcomed loads of celebrities along on its cattle drive. 

Think you can recognize these guest stars? See if you can keep your win streak rollin', rollin', rollin'!

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  1. Which pop icon is this under the hat?
  2. She is best known for playing a character named…?
  3. Which Bridges is this?
  4. Which Frankie is this?
  5. Say cheese! The man snapping a pictures next to Rowdy starred on which sitcom?
  6. He is best known for playing a character named…?
  7. You can typically find him aboard which ship?
  8. He is best known for playing a character named…?
  9. You could find him aboard which boat?
  10. He later played a character named…?
  11. Who is this Universal horror icon?
  12. What was the name of his character in 'Casablanca'?

Can you recognize all these celebrity guest stars on Rawhide?

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SashaPayneDiaz 4 months ago
10/12 Got my Bridges was a draw between Beau or Jeff and I jumped on the wrong one. As for Peter Lorre, I recognized the usual suspects but I was unable to establish a beautiful friendship.
a1k9 4 months ago
Yes,I am old enough to remember Rawhide
BrentwoodJon 4 months ago
12 of 12 same as when I did this Quizze on H&I.
PINKYLEE 4 months ago
12 of 12! Jethro Bodine isn't the only guy with a giant brain. :)
cabugi 4 months ago
Ugh ... missed the Peter Lorre one!
TheDavBow3 4 months ago
10 of 12. Pressed "Buzz Murdock" and knew it was wrong as soon as I did it. I didn't know Dean was on Rawhide? I did get it right. A huge fan! Missed the Peter Lorie question.
Pacificsun 4 months ago
And people wonder why we love MeTV so much!

These were classic actors, during the Golden Age of TV.
MrBill 4 months ago
11/12; missed the last question - I have never seen Casablanca
THOMASTERRYJR MrBill 4 months ago
What!!!? How!!! "Casablanca" has been shown on television for over sixty years. It's even been screen recently in movie theaters across the United States.
texasluva MrBill 4 months ago
Casablanca (1942) usually comes on TCM 2-3 times a year. It will be showing on Nov. 10th @ 3:45 P.M. (ET) You can go to to the site and set a reminder for it. Sends email one week and one day before it is shown. You can also tape it.
THOMASTERRYJR MrBill 4 months ago
If you cannot wait until November 10, 2020 to watch "Casablanca" you can go to and click on "Watch TCM", click on "Films" and scroll down the page. You will find the film "Casablanca" waiting for you to watch at your leisure. Enjoy!!!
Pacificsun texasluva 4 months ago
Nice comment Texasluva, am sure many appreciate it!
texasluva THOMASTERRYJR 4 months ago
Yes but I do believe it is only on TCM for 2 weeks after a showing. You have to sign in with your provider password. Usually there are 50 or more movies you can watch at any given time that has shown on TCM in the past weeks.
texasluva Pacificsun 4 months ago
Thanks! I have something better for the masses. In one of my recent postings I gave the web site where Casablanca and other such movies can be found. If you missed it here it is and you and others are more the welcome to view. I will be on certain future postings be putting a Noir type and other movies for watching. Here are two locations for Casablanca:
Casablanca (1942) This one is more full screen but picture quality fabulous.

Casablanca (1942). This one is wide screen. Quality okay.

After clicking the arrow in middle of screen you can click for larger screen down below right with the two pointing arrows. Enjoy.
Dale 4 months ago
I only missed the last one with Peter Lorre. I knew WHO he was, but just haven't seen Casablanca in a LONG time. And that was one of the FEW episodes I remember seeing ANY of these actors in.
guest2020 Dale 4 months ago
For me it was a process of elimination.
Ronda 4 months ago
Something just happened that has never happened before .They changed MY answer.!!!!!!!. I new #7 was leonard Nimoy. And when i got to the bottom i new i had only missed the last question. And they said i missed 2. So i went back to see what they were talking about. And when i reached # 7 the answer was different than my answer.
HopeDuchaine Ronda 4 months ago
It has happened to me a few times.
HopeDuchaine Ronda 4 months ago
I know how you feel. They should update.
texasluva Ronda 4 months ago
If you are using a phone, tablet touch screen it is very easy to inadvertently trigger the wrong square. Even if you make a mistake you can always refresh the page and start over. It is an honor system what you report to others as results. Or it could be the MeTV gremlins messing with you .
booster 4 months ago
12/12 Rawhide is my favorite western.
RoberttheWallace 4 months ago
Totally agree with Edward { below }--MeTV does indeed need to REVAMP; so many of the programs now have been scheduled forever: MASH, LOVE BOAT, BRADY BUNCH, etc. The need for an upscale should be paramount. You know, have not seen the Absolute Best crime drama: " Hawaii Five-O " for over 4 years [ at least ]; I'm certain there must be others as I who Love this series and wish MeTV programmers would bring this iconic show back to the schedule, as well as scheduling more interesting and exciting programs while retiring other more stale and redundant shows! ! !
I would like to see "It Takes A Thief", especially the episodes with Fred Astaire. Also Secret Agent Man. And cartoons with Mighty Mouse, and the evening show with Bugs Bunny...this is it, the show of shows, no more rehearsing...
booster RoberttheWallace 4 months ago
Perry Mason has been on non stop, since the station started. Each episode must have aired at least 150 times.
😉 This is said with a kind heart because I love MeTV as much as anyone. But as a fan from the beginning (in my region) is the following:

MeTV isn’t picking Shows off a library shelf like books to be interchanged at will. They are running Shows during which Sponsors want to buy Ad time. These Shows are proven "winners" in their mind. Watched repeatedly. Companies figure out how (marketing) revenue is being made from metrics provided by the Network (and crunched by Ad Agencies). Strategically buying time that brings in a profit, IS their business! That’s what keeps the Shows on the air.

While MeTV is doing this, all of the other networks out there (particularly diginet channels which can specialize in genres) are doing the same thing. So, depending on the product being sold, is where (meaning on which channel and Show) the time is being purchased. Some are geared to kids (that’s why there’s a cartoon network), others to Classic TV (sometimes which are focused by decades), also Westerns, Action/Adventure, and on down the line it goes.

If you can get free Over The Air (OTA) transmission, try branching out to other Networks. But MeTV has pretty much locked in some of the best Classic Oldies out there. It's taken them (at least 5) years to figure out the best lineup (meaning most profitable for sponsors) and that’s why they’re not letting go of it quickly. They used to change up the schedule every single season in the Fall, and generated over 400+ comments in protest. Trust me, the formula they have now is a LOT less controversial. Although on a spot basis they will delete and add different Shows. (That is, the Shows which are made available from other Networks which are doing the same thing).

Hope the explanation helps somewhat.
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